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Q&A with boutique owner Alia Korayem

Alia Korayem is the co-owner of the West LA boutique in Sunset Mall, Jumeirah. The store has just branched out into menswear after establishing itself as the city’s main magnet for fashionistas. Alia told us what men can expect to find at the store, what makes Johnny Depp so effortlessly cool and why she has refused to order any polo shirts this season.

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Alia Korayem.

What made you finally decide to sell menswear in West LA boutique?
Selling menswear has always been part of our plans from the day West LA opened. We were just waiting for the women’s store to kick off in order to focus on the men’s. Luckily that didn’t take long at all.  

What are you going to offer that other menswear departments don’t?  
We will be offering men the same exact experience we are currently offering women – effortlessly cool clothing that anyone can purchase without breaking the bank. Our in-house stylists will also be available to offer male shoppers stylish tips and ideas.

Will men make the effort to go to West LA boutique even though it’s not in a major shopping mall?
I certainly believe so. With the women’s store, we see ladies from around the city, both loyal and fresh faces, making their way to the mall specifically for a piece they spotted on our social media pages or newsletters. We also have a very loyal customer base who come in to the store two to three times a week. I am pretty confident the men will do the same.

What kind of man are you catering to?
Every single man out there. Whether a businessman, surfer, editor or dancer, every kind of guy around the city will surely find something amazing in our store that will simply add that extra ‘cool’ vibe to his look.

You’ve worked in Los Angeles. Do you see any similarities between the city and Dubai in terms of fashion?
I definitely see a lot of similarities in terms of lifestyles, which I believe can affect the fashion scene. Although LA has a more laid-back approach to day dressing with residents on the hunt for unique pieces, there are still many similarities between the two cities in terms of fashion.

Tell us what’s on trend for guys at the moment?
Here at West LA, we never like to focus on trends – our main goal is to buy into incredibly unique and timeless pieces that men won’t be able to find anywhere else in the region. However, I do see a strong focus on formal spin to sportswear this season.

Who do you think is the best-dressed man on the planet right now?
Johnny Depp hands down! Simply because he genuinely dresses for himself and oozes a carefree vibe, not caring what people think or might say. Yet he does
it all and comes off looking completely and utterly effortlessly cool.

What’s the world’s most stylish city for guys?
If I had to put LA aside, it would definitely be Tokyo. The way these men dress is out of this world and extremely inspirational.