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A beautiful new year

If you’re planning to refresh your beauty routine this year, make sure you do it like a professional. We ask the experts for their top tips, resolutions and 2013 predictions

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A new year is a time for reflection, but is the face you see in the mirror the same one you saw at the beginning of 2012? Even if you are facing up to a few more wrinkles, be sure to preserve your prettiness and maximise your make-up this year, with our advice from some of the UAE’s best beauty experts…

Sophie Hendra
A Dubai-based make-up artist who has worked with celebrities such as Mischa Barton (below). She will be exhibiting at Beyond Beauty Arabia in Abu Dhabi from January 30 to February 2.

What’s your beauty resolution for 2013?

I have a few things on my list. I want to make sure to have monthly facials in 2013, they’re a real must to keep skin in tip-top condition, and they’re a great way to renew the skin by deep cleansing and exfoliation. I’ll also use BB cream instead of foundation on a daily basis as it’s better for the skin, and I will drink more water. This can seem like a chore, so I try to make it more interesting, with fruit juice cordial to mix in with water.

Your best piece of beauty advice?

I was told that rather than buying specific vitamin supplements for hair, skin and nails, you should take prenatal vitamins, as they contain everything you need for beauty. This is something I tried out and it definitely makes a difference. And if you do nothing else, always curl your lashes, as it opens up the eyes and makes them look bigger, fresh and awake. The best curlers I’ve seen are from Shu Uemura and Mac.

A beauty cheat’s tip?

If my skin is looking a little lacklustre, I mix a highlighter into my foundation like Mac’s Lustre Drops. It’s an incredible illuminator that also moisturises and plumps the skin, making it look healthy and alive. YSL Touche Éclat foundation is also a fantastic illuminating foundation that has a similar effect.

Your ultimate beauty products for 2013?

EyeSlices – they’re amazing! These disposable eye treatment Hydrogel and Aloe Ferox pads release moisture and active ingredients into the area around the eye, refreshing and taking away puffiness and dark circles. They also contain anti-ageing ingredients. I love using them on models that have had a few late nights or for brides on the morning of their big day. I’m also absolutely blown away by some of the battery-operated rotating mascaras. It’s insane how long the lashes look, and the rotating brush literally does all the work for you, so you can get fabulous lashes quickly. It really isn’t a gimmick – I definitely wouldn’t use anything else – I love the results.

Your beauty predictions for the year ahead?

Two of the key beauty trends seen on the catwalks for Spring 2013 that I think will be big are the graphic and brightly coloured eyeliners at both Michael Kors and Stella McCartney. Also the feminine, pretty make-up seen at Valentino and Louis Vuitton, where lips are stained in rosebud hues, cheeks are flushed with baby pink and eyes are a glossy soft peach with doll-like lashes.

Sara Abdulrazak
Managing director, Sister’s Beauty Lounge.

Your beauty resolution for 2013?

I am a huge believer in wearing SPF. Even ten minutes in the sun can increase wrinkles and age the skin. Because we live in a country with all-year-round sun, SPF 30 is a minimum requirement. I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. Having said that, staying shaded from the sun isn’t always good – vitamin D is equally important, and we really should be spending at least ten minutes a day in the sunshine – but the good thing is that vitamin D still gets absorbed through the SPF.

A bad beauty habit everyone should give up?

Don’t rub your eyes! I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes or roughly removing my eye make-up, which would make my mother cringe and shout across the room to stop as it causes wrinkles and ruins the sensitive skin around the eyes. Use a gentle and effective make-up remover so you don’t feel the need to use too much force around the eyes.

Your best beauty advice for 2013?

Get a full-skin analysis to educate yourself and get to know your skin, so you don’t fall victim to buying unnecessary beauty products. Our salon has a Kéraskin Skin Camera that looks at the skin in 3D to diagnose and analyse exactly what your skin needs and may be lacking. The specialist then prescribes a product that benefits your skin condition most.

Your ultimate beauty product?

A shower filter to help care for both your hair and your skin. Water that has been treated through desalination is not particularly good for your hair or your skin, and can make them become dry. Hair becomes weak and breaks, and people with sensitive skin can suffer from skin conditions. A simple shower filter is very affordable and they make our shower water much fresher.

Beauty predictions for the year ahead?

With Kate Middleton leading the way of natural, fresh beauty, I think 2013 will be about bringing out your natural beauty and glow. The drama, spikes, studs and heavy make-up will make way for natural-looking, simple make-up and hair trends.

Huda Kattan
Founder of beauty blog, and brand ambassador for Vaseline Arabia.

Your beauty resolution for 2013?

My beauty resolution for the new year definitely has to be remembering to remove my make-up! Make sure you keep make-up remover wipes next to your bed so you can just wipe off your make-up and go to bed – it’s the lazy girl’s guide to keeping skin squeaky clean when it matters most.

Your beauty cheat’s tip?

Use baby powder in your hair as a root lifter. Celebs like Angelina Jolie use it to get body in their hair. After you blow dry, add some powder in your hair and shake well, brush your roots if you need to blend and voila, you’ll have some serious volume in seconds.

Your ultimate beauty product?

I am in love with Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Pads. They bring my skin back to life and help make pores less obvious. They also even out skin tone, rough patches and generally make skin look flawless.

Your best piece of beauty advice?

My mum always says you should be happy with who you are and smile. She’s so right. At the end of the day, nothing is more attractive than a happy smile. No make-up, hair or skin tricks can top a gorgeous smile!

Beauty prediction for the year ahead?

Things have really moved into cool shades and I think that will continue. After sitting with veteran celebrity make-up artist Pat McGrath after her Paris Fashion Week show, she shared her biggest predictions, which were blues, cool colours and things really moving away from the typical bronze that has been so popular in previous years. Of course flawless skin is always a trend and very important!