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Well-being Q&A: Vertigo and enlarged pores

Dr VL Shyam, MD (Ay), M Phil,a certified Ayurvedic consultant, answers queries exclusively for readers of Friday


I am 44 years old and had a vertigo attack five years ago for which I was prescribed medication. Recently I've begun to suffer from a constant dull headache. Also, my eyeballs hurt. Please advise.
Usha, via email

Vertigo is not a disease but a symptom that can be caused by inner ear disorders, multiple sclerosis, migraine, medication or anxiety disorders. The most common forms of vertigo are benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and Ménière's disease.

BPPV is due to a disorder of the equilibrium sensor located in the inner ear. It can be caused by a sudden change in body position, such as turning over in bed abruptly or moving your head suddenly when getting in and out of bed.

Ménière's disease is characterised by deafness, ringing in the ears and occasional vertigo. As treatment varies depending on cause, you should consult an Ayurvedic doctor.

  • Nasya (nasal drops), Thalam (applied on the crown) and Karnapooranam (ear drops) could help.
  • Eat plenty of raisins or dates, citrus fruits and vegetables.
  • Adequate rest is essential.
  • Apply Ksheerabala thailam* on your scalp before getting into the shower.

I'm a 17-year-old girl with clear skin but I have enlarged pores on my cheeks. Please help.
Nadia, via email

Often, enlarged facial pores are hereditary. Among other causes are sun damage, hormonal changes, blackheads, improper cleansing and excessive oil production. Toners and astringents have a temporary ‘tightening' effect on pores.

  • Splash ice-cold water on your face every day.
  • Keep your face clean as you may be prone to blackheads and acne. Use a mild exfoliant once a week.
  • Apply a mixture of equal quantities of lemon and cucumber juices on the area and wash off after ten minutes.
  • Take a tablespoon of sathavari gulam* before going to bed.
  • Steam your face once a week.
  • Reduce fizzy drinks.
  • Apply a paste of lemon juice or yoghurt, flour and turmeric powder over your face; let it dry and rinse off.
  • Applying white sandalwood paste could help.

*Available at shops selling herbal products