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The 80s are back in Dubai

tabloid! chats to T’Pau’s Carol Decker ahead of this weekend’s ’80s rewind festival

Image Credit: Ian Dickson / Rex Features
Mandatory Credit: Photo by RICHARD YOUNG / Rex Features (142875b)T’PAU 1988BRIT AWARDS, LONDON, BRITAIN - 1988

Plenty of musical acts may have summed up the 80s with their clothes and make-up, but if there’s a candidate for the voice of the decade, it’s got to be Carol Decker. The redhead was the voice behind two of the biggest power ballads of the decade that was all about power ballads, with her band T’Pau. With her fiery mane and a set of lungs that sent her songs flying to success on both sides of the Atlantic, Decker is one of the most memorable voices of the ’80s. She’s set to showcase it to a whole new generation (and those who remember her from the height of her fame) at the Absolute ’80s Rewind festival on Friday, where she’ll perform hits including China In Your Hand. It’s something the bands actually enjoy doing, she told tabloid!. “I’ll be doing 20 minutes. Because there are lots of artists on the bill, we all do a handful of our greatest hits. The show runs very snappily -- it’s the ‘soundtrack of your youth’. It’s great fun for everybody. You get to remember the songs you really enjoyed, and we have a blast too.”

Decker, whose split with her T’Pau writing and romantic partner Ronnie Rogers brought the band to an end in 1991, is on a line-up with Howard Jones, ABC, Rick Astley and her favourites, Heaven 17.

“I have been doing these ’80s shows since 2001, and Rewind really do it brilliantly. I have now known all other those guys for 11 years. But I didn’t know them back then, because T’Pau’s heyday was 1987-1991. So I was watching all of them on the telly like everybody else! We all get along very well and everyone is very friendly, but I particularly get along with Heaven 17 and Martin Fry from ABC. We’ve made some really deep friendships there. Back in the day we would have been terribly competitive -- there’s still element of that, when we get on stage.”