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Sunshine Cruz-Montano headed for splitsville

Star’s actor director’s husband linked to actress

Image Credit: Supplied picture
Filipino actress Sunshine Cruz-Montano.

Actress Sunshine Cruz-Montano’s posts on Instragram over the weekend revealed what has long been talked about in the rumour mill.

She and husband Cesar Montano are having marital problems again, over an actress, Krista Miller, who is currently being linked to the actor director.

Cruz-Montano’s posts were in reaction to several photos posted by Miller showing, among other things, an A&F shirt and an iPhone, apparently gifts she received from Montano. But Cruz-Montano said those items are gifts she gave to her husband.

This is not the first time that the Montano couple is having a problem over a third party, but it looks like they are headed for splitsville if Cruz-Montano has her way.

Back to school

Former tween star Joshua Dionisio has quit show business to pursue his studies. The erstwhile actor says he has lost interest in acting and would rather catch up on schooling. He denies rumours saying he presented himself to ABS CBN after his contract with GMA expired last year.

The star says he never went to his former studio, and neither is it true that he demanded triple the fees that he was getting from GMA. He, however, admits missing show business and said he would make time for a few guest appearances in some shows, if given the chance. But his priority at the moment remains studies.

On Sarah’s side

Richard Gutierrez is standing by Sarah Lahabhati in the latter’s fight with GMA. The feud stemmed from violations Lahbahti allegedly committed against her contract. But for the actress, the rift started when she complained about several network executives doing under-the-table deals with a preferred talent management agency.

The actor hopes a solution will be found soon because he also loves the network, where he is a prized talent. He also denies rumours circulating about Lahbahti being pregnant, and the reason for her leaving the country to stay in Switzerland, where her father is based.

Tax woes

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo has been cleared of tax evasion charges after a local court ruled she had under declared some income in 2002. Instead, the actress was merely asked to pay the tax deficiency with corresponding interest in the amount of 3.4 million pesos (Dh340,000).

Santos-Agoncillo thanked the court for its decision, and has promptly settled the tax deficiency. The actress’ finances are managed by her handlers and a personal accountant. She said she will make sure she reviews her tax payments yearly.