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Salman perturbed over marriage-related queries

The actor, 46, who is in no hurry to tie the knot, cannot understand why the industry is so worried about his marital status

Image Credit: AFP
Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan
Tabloid on Saturday

There is continued interest in the Hindi film world on when Salman Khan will get married, but the Bollywood star is in no hurry and can’t understand why everyone is so curious.

Reacting to fellow actor Aamir Khan’s comment that it is high time he should enter wedlock, the 46-year-old said: “Aamir has been after me for a while now. I don’t understand why everyone is after me to get married.”

He was speaking at a promotional event for his upcoming action thriller Ek Tha Tiger, a Yash Raj Films project directed by Kabir Khan. In the film, Salman will be seen with ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Even in the film’s trailer, Kaif has a line telling Salman’s character that he has reached an age where he should get married.

Asked about her thoughts on Salman’s marriage, Kaif said: “I think nobody except Salman should decide at what age he wants to get married.”

Kabir Khan clarified that the dialogue was not inserted in Ek Tha Tiger deliberately, but admitted he couldn’t resist the temptation of adding it.

On another front, there are reports doing the rounds that Salman will be visiting Pakistan soon, which has apparently banned the promos of Ek Tha Tiger. But Salman denied the reports, saying: “I also read it in the papers that I am going [to Pakistan]. If we need to go, then we will go for sure.”

Kabir Khan, speaking at the unveiling of the first song of Ek Tha Tiger, Mashallah, said: “There were no plans, but if we get an opportunity, we would love to go.”

He also clarified that the film’s promos have not been banned, but just stopped till an NOC is issued by the Pakistan censor board. “It’s not like the promos are banned. They have just said that till the time there is no NOC, the trailers will not be played. We are confident that it will get an NOC, as it has nothing derogatory about Pakistan,” he said.

The film is to be released on Independence Day.