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Lea Michele makes joke of pregnancy rumours

My first fake pregnancy rumour. I’ve finally made it, says the Glee actress

Image Credit: Rex Features
Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry in the hit TV show "Glee".

Lea Michele, who was photographed last weekend possibly “hiding a baby bump,” has one thing to say about that. She’s hit the big time now.

“My first fake pregnancy rumour! I’ve finally made it!” the “Glee” actress tweeted happily on Monday while her rep went on the record with outlets such as RumorFix to dub the alleged news “completely false.”

Photos of Michele wearing loose-fitting clothes and carrying a big handbag — perfect for shielding the “bump” from prying eyes and telephoto lenses, don’t ya know — were all it took to get the rumour mill cranked up.

Good thing it was bogus, as a real-life baby would’ve put a crimp in writers’ plans as Michele’s Rachel Berry pursues her Broadway-baby aspirations on the Fox show.

Also breathing a sigh of relief? We’d imagine that’d be one Cory Monteith, Lea’s costar and real-world boyfriend.

His character Finn Hudson has already been through one unexpected “Glee” pregnancy — and that bundle of joy wasn’t even his.