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Exclusive: Avicii chats with tabloid!

Ahead of his gig Thursday night at Atlantis, we chat to Madonna’s favourite DJ

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Swedish DJ Avicii plays at Atlantis Beach, Dubai, on October 18, 2012.

It’s official: The Swedes are taking over electronic music, and one of the guys leading that charge is chart-toppping DJ Avicii, who plays at Atlantis Beach Thursday October 18 2012. tabloid! chatted to the man behind this summer’s hit song Level, before the show to find out about the chilling origins of his name, Madonna and his style mantra -- he’s currently the face of Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply label, which opened a store in Dubai Mall recently.


Where does the name Avicii come from?

Avicii means the lowest level of Buddhist hell. A friend of mine actually told me about it, and when I was making my Myspace page, so I had to pick something and a lot of names were taken so I just stuck with Avicii.


Tell us about being the face of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren - were you surprised to be asked?

I’ve always been wearing Ralph Lauren, it’s one of my favourite designers and when Denim & Supply approached us there was no doubt; Our brands are really a perfect match and we really wanted to team up with them.


Are you into fashion? What is your main wardrobe staple?

Yes, I’m into fashion and very selective with I wear. My main wardrobe staple would definitely be Denim & Supply plaid shirts. I can’t get enough of them!


Is Dubai somewhere you enjoy coming/playing?

Yes definitely, I haven’t been here for a couple of years but I’m really looking forward to see the city again. It’s a really nice place.


What has been the absolute highlight of your career to date?

That is a very hard question, it’s so many things happening but one of the definite highlights would be when Madonna joined me on stage at this year’s Ultra Music Festival.


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Avicii plays at Atlantis Beach Thursday October 18. Tickets Dh175 (Dh295 VIP). A Sandance/Avicii twin ticket is Dh400 (Stereophonics play the nextx Sandance on November 9 2012.