Vivek Oberoi defends Kapil Sharma on BMC controversy

Comedian had asked the actor for help after he was asked to pay a bribe by Mumbai’s municipal corporation

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  • Mumbai: Actor Vivek Oberoi during the Mumbaikar Festival 2016, in Mumbai, on June 3, 2016. (Photo: IANS)Image Credit: IANS

Actor Vivek Oberoi sees nothing wrong in helping Kapil Sharma sort out the controversy created by the comedian’s tweets on corruption in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) as he feels he is “no criminal and just a good human being.”

According to media reports, Sharma has sought Oberoi’s help in reaching out to Maharashtra’s chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, after his tweet complaint of bribe demands by the civic body landed him in a row.

The Kapil Sharma Show host said in his tweet that he has been paying Rs150 million (Dh8.2 million) as income tax every year for the past five years, and yet he was asked to pay a bribe of Rs500,000 to a municipal officer to expedite his office work.

Now the Company actor, who is married to late Karnataka leader Jeevaraj Alva’s daughter, Priyanka, is said to be using his political connections to help him out.

Asked about it, Oberoi said during a visit to the capital on Thursday: “I believe he is good human being. I also believe in another thing — if you are in a position where you can help sort out some sort of mess, you should.”

“I know that from my personal experience, so I think if I can help him, I will.”

Oberoi, who is the son of veteran actor Suresh Oberoi, says he has seen the humane side of Sharma.

He said: “I do a lot of fund-raisers for children who are fighting cancer. I am working on this for years and Kapil himself came to me and said, ‘I want to be a part of this. Aap mujhe involve karo ismein [you involve me in this] and whatever you want, I will do to raise funds for children who are fighting cancer’.”