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Coco Martin puts love on hold

As his mainstream work picks up steam, actor is focusing on career over personal life


Indie actor turned mainstream superstar Coco Martin is happy with the way things are going in his career. He tells tabloid! what he thinks is missing so he can have complete happiness.


You have a new show, Juan dela Cruz, in which you play a superhero. It’s quite a departure from your previous roles. Are you up for it?

I think so. It’s just another challenge for me as an actor, and I think I can dig out the superhero in me if I need to, to make me believable as a vampire superhero.


What sort of preparations did you make?

I had to lose a little bit of weight. I’m a big fan of getting into the character, but since there was no vampire around [laughs], I just turned to some really good vampire movies. The Twilight movies were helpful, but the biggest help was Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Locally, there’s been a lot of vampire movies or TV shows of late, and I picked up some interesting points. Hopefully, with the preparations and research that I’ve done for this role, I will be effective.


You also have a movie coming up, Moment in Time.

Yes, this is the one with Julia Montes. And it’s not a continuation of the TV series that we did, Walang Hanggan, which ended recently. It’s a different story; it’ something that they will fall in love with.


Speaking of which, we don’t seem to be hearing anything about your love life?

That’s right, because there is nothing to talk about [laughs]. I wish I had someone –— that’s the only thing I don’t have at the moment. On second thoughts, I may not have the time for a relationship now. So let’s talk about this sometime later [laughs].


Heard Brillante Mendoza is going to produce an indie film with you and legendary actress Nora Aunor in the lead role?

Yes, we’ve talked about it several times. Initially with Ate Vi (Vilma Santos) also, but unfortunately she’s very busy so I think it will just be me and Ate Guy (Nora Aunor). I’m looking forward to it, I hope it pushes through — it will be an honour to act alongside the Nora Aunor. It’s an actor’s dream to be with her in a movie or TV show, I wish it happens very soon.


Do you know what the material will be about?

I’m not aware of any storylines yet.