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Alex Baldwin ‘stalker’ got angry after snub

Actress is charged with 5 counts of stalking and harassment of the actor

Image Credit: AP
Alec Baldwin

An actress accused of stalking Hollywood star Alec Baldwin harassed him for years because he gave her the “cold shoulder” after they had sex, a court heard.

Genevieve Sabourin bombarded him with more than 100 messages including one suggesting they conceive a “mini Baldwin” together on St Patrick’s Day.

A French-Canadian, she also tried to win him over by saying the “French are the best lovers in the world and I master my art”, Manhattan Criminal Court heard.

Sabourin, 41, says she went on a date with the Irish-American actor on Valentine’s Day 2010 that led to sex in a hotel — after which he snubbed her.

Baldwin, 55, insists their meeting was “business-related” and that he has never shown any interest in her.

Sabourin denies harassing the Hunt For Red October star who is currently starring in the Woody Allen film Blue Jasmine, and his yoga-instructor wife, Hilaria, 29, whom he met in 2011.

At the first day of the hearing, prosecutor Zachary Stendig read out the emails he said Sabourin sent to Baldwin last year — even though the pair had met only twice in ten years.

One read: “I want to be your wife.” Another said: “I will be in prime of my ovulation this St Patrick’s Day and the best gift from you of all would be to conceive a mini Baldwin on this Ireland National Day.”

Stendig said Sabourin harangued Baldwin with so many phone calls that he changed his number.

She also asked for new homes in her native Montreal, New York, clothes, jewels and a car in exchange for her affections, the court heard.

Stendig said: “She just wouldn’t stop. It was a nightmare without an end. A nightmare the victim knew would be played out over the tabloids all over the world.” The situation escalated after Baldwin and Hilaria became engaged.

And Sabourin’s obsession took a sinister twist in April last year, the court heard, when she drove her car full of belongings to the apartment in Greenwich Village where Baldwin and Hilaria live.

She was arrested. Sabourin was also caught in the drive of the couple’s East Hampton home and tried to get into a film premiere in Manhattan that Baldwin was attending.

Her lawyer, Todd Spodek, told the court she was trying to get “closure” after a “romantic dinner” at an Italian restaurant led to the alleged sexual encounter. He said the pair met on the set of The Adventures of Pluto Nash in 2002, where she was a publicist, and went on a date in 2010.

Spodek said Baldwin set Sabourin up with a VIP room at the £500 (Dh3,000)-a-night Upper East Side Lowell hotel where they engaged in a “sexual relationship”.

“Then suddenly the cold shoulder and nothing else.” he said. “No contact and no decency. A complete disregard for Miss Sabourin and her emotions.

“Miss Sabourin was just looking for closure from a difficult relationship.”

She denies five counts of stalking and harassment.

Baldwin and his wife are expected to give evidence in the trial next week.