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Gossip Girl comes to Dubai

The hit TV show starts its 6th and final season with a scene set in the UAE — spoiler alert!

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  • Gossip GirlPictured: Backrow (l-r): Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen. Front row (l-r): Blake Lively, Image Credit: THE CW

Dubai features heavily in the latest and final season of Gossip Girl, the television drama that follows the lives of Manhattan’s elite Upper East Siders.

After five years of lies, deceit, betrayal, family scandals, love lost, high fashion and the infamous “XOXO,” the show has come to its sixth and final season. The first episode of Season six, called “Gone Maybe Gone” premiered on Monday night in the US.

When the series premieres here next week, viewers in the UAE are in for a surprise as the first episode features a scene in Dubai.

In the story, Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick, is in Dubai to investigate a business deal made by his back-from-the-dead father, where he meets an old acquaintance of his dad, a woman named Amira Abbas. She is played by Andrea Gabriel, known for her role in Lost.

While it is unlikely the scene was shot in Dubai, Chuck and Amira are seen in a tower supposedly located on The Palm, and one that overlooks the Burj Khalifa.

Later in the episode, Chuck tells Lily, his stepmother: “I found Dubai fascinating. Such a forward-looking city yet so many links to the past.”

Chuck is out to dethrone his father as the head of Bass Industries after his humiliating demotion from the helm of the company in the latter stages of season five. He enlists the help of Amira, who is described as ‘a Dubai based businesswoman,’ to find out more about his undead father’s past movements.

The new Amira character is one shrouded in mystery and one that is sure to play a major role in the developments leading to the season finale.

Also on the episode, Blair, Nate and Chuck are on the search for Blake Lively’s character Serena who has created a new life for herself under the name Sabrina in the country. Dan teams up with Georgina to write a tell-all book, while Lily reunites with Bart and Rufus finds romance with Ivy.

*Season 6 of Gossip Girl airs on Dubai One at 9pm on Sunday October 14.