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Dubai dog shelter urges residents to foster pets for summer

K9 Friends has 100 crossbreeds to choose from if you wish to keep a dog from July to August

Image Credit: XPRESS/Abdel-Krim Kallouche
Pet pals anyone?: Jackie Ratcliffe at the K9 Friends Kennels, Jebel Ali

Dubai: A packed dog shelter in Dubai has appealed to residents to foster dogs for two months during July and August till its homings pick up again after vacation.

Jackie Ratcliffe of K9 Friends told XPRESS the shelter has around 100 dogs looking for foster homes during summer. “We are full to capacity and have around 100 dogs to choose from. Most of them are crossbreeds and are medium-sized. All the dogs can be seen on our website or on our Facebook page.”

She said the dogs have been dumped by residents leaving the country. “People call us and say they are leaving and ask if we will take their dogs. We tell them it is their responsibility to find a place for their dog and really, there is no excuse for not taking your pet with you.” She said residents could take these dogs to their homes during summer until a permanent home can be found for them or return them to K9 Friends in September or earlier.

She it is entirely up to the fosterers how long they want to keep the dog. “The idea is that the dogs have been trained a little over the summer and are used to living in houses. This makes it easier for us to home them. September is one of our best homing months as people are back from their vacation and feel ready to take an animal on.”

She said apartment owners must produce a letter from the landlord to say it is okay for them to keep a dog in the building.

Ratcliffe said there are many advantages of fostering. “It is great for people who want a pet but feel they cannot commit to it full time. It’s also great for the dogs as they get a break and a chance to live in a family environment.”

Fostering is also considered a good opportunity for residents to do a pilot run and find out if they are dog-friendly before they can get a dog on a permanent basis.

As for the upkeep costs, foster homes would have to feed the dogs. But should the dogs require vet attention, the foster parent should clear it with K9 Friends which will pay for any treatment with prior approval.

Those interested in fostering can call K9 Friends at 04 8878739 or 050 2741949.