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Twitten by Twilight: Learn the lingo

Robsten have spilt up, but the twilight lingo lives on

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When the first film adaptation in the Twilight saga was released in 2008 even the directors weren’t quite prepared for the hysteria.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan — played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart — became instant households names and the world appeared to have gone Twilight mad.

OMG, or “oh my God”, became OME, or “oh my Edward”. The term Edwardian became an adjective describing all things Edward rather than a period in history where men wore blouses. Even a mysterious condition characterised by symptoms like lost sense of reality, hallucinations of Edward Cullen and belief that vampires are real, Twilight Syndrome, was keeping teenagers off school.

Pattinson — better known as R-Pattz — may have asked Stewart — K-Stew — to “break dawn” somewhere else (Twilight research has gone to my head), but it hasn’t stopped the lingo.

Following the 22-year-old’s affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director, one married Mr Rupert Sanders, 41, “Trampire” seems to be the most popular so far. Although don’t let Stewart’s friend and former producer Giovanni Agnelli catch you repeating it.

The Italian took to Twitter to defend the starlet, who starred in his film Welcome To The Rileys saying: “If you’ve ever used the word Trampire, you’re a mindless pathetic piece of s***.”

Since meeting on the set of Twilight in 2008, Stewart and Pattinson have been romantically linked — a love story which is also mirrored in the films.

Although the pair — Robsten — have never officially confirmed their relationship to the world, paparazzi photographs and eyewitness accounts drove intense media and fan speculation to believe it was true.

Just weeks before the affair with Sanders was revealed, R-Pattz made a surprise appearance at the Teen Choice Awards with the lady in his life.

Kristen has publicly apologised to Pattinson following the tryst with the father-of-two and wife of model Liberty Ross after a series of photos were printed showing the pair in a clinch.

Twi-hard have launched numerous “twititions” supporting both Stewart and Pattison.

Agnelli hinted he knew Kristen’s whereabouts following a “twitition” by her fans pledging their support to her following the affair.

“Please don’t ask how or where she is, or what she thought. Just know this: She saw the twitition. Thank you.”

tabloid! looks at a few excerpts from the Twilight dictionary. Remember, with the last film in the saga due for release in November, there’s still time to brush up. Go on then, get twitten by the Twilight bug.


Cullenescence: the essence of all things Cullen

New Mooned: A down feeling you get while Edward is away

Post-Saga Depression (PSD): The blue feeling after finishing the books and realising there is no actual Edward

Twibrary: A personal collection of all things related to Twilight including books, music, films, etc.

Twidreams: Dreams about Twilight

Twilighter: A Twilight fan

Twi-hard: A die-hard Twilight fan

Twilight freak: An obsessed Twilight fan

Twilightmosis: Hopes if you place your Twibrary underneath your bed at night you will gain access to Twidreams

Twilightology: The study of all the things Twilight

Twilinguial: One who is able to incorporate these Twilight terms into everyday conversation

Twimmersing: Tying everything to Twilight by any means necessary

Twitchcraft: Type of magic spell put on the Twilight Saga, once someone opens the book they are completely in love and obsessed with all things related to it

Twitchery: The act of practicing Twitchcraft

Twitubers: People who post videos on YouTube about their love for Twilight

Twi-guy: A male who is obsessed with all things Twilight related

OCD: Obsessive Cullen Disorder — Term used to describe anyone who is overly obsessed with Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen

Twilightened: Someone who just has discovered the wonderfulness of the Twilight series of books

Twitten: Reading the first book and getting bitten by the Twilight bug.

Twittilating: A feeling you get whenever Edward looks stunning or something in the book excites you

Vampool: A group of Twilighters riding together to go see the movie

Vamptastic: Something really amazing or fantastic