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Rula's flower-adorned Volkswagen Beetle

The New Beetle was met with mixed reaction when launched back in 1998. But you can’t help but smile at Rula Sharqi’s lovely Bug

  • Rula has always had a passion for cars, especially convertible Volkswagen Beetles. Image Credit: Grace Paras/ANM
  • With all these flowers in this Beetle, we can only hope Rula doesn’t suffer from hay fever. Image Credit: Grace Paras/ANM
  • This Bug is quite an attention getter. You’re likely to see it around Jumeirah and JBR. Image Credit: Grace Paras/ANM
  • Rula isn’t just a pretty face — she works in the engineering department at Uni. Image Credit: Grace Paras/ANM

So it’s true. Ladies really do love flowers. So much so that you’ve decked your Volkswagen Beetle out in them!
Young ladies are often described as flowers in literature. We do not love flowers just for their aesthetic beauty and fragrance alone but there is a far deeper reason. They can represent them or reflect who they are. One can think of some ladies as roses, others as tulips, carnations and so on.

I would describe an ex of mine as a thorn… Anyway, you’ve always dreamed about owning a convertible Beetle and now you have one. How does that make you feel?
For as long as I can remember I had a passion for cars, especially convertible Volkswagen Beetles. I always used to imagine myself driving one of these cars during a pleasant summer evening with the breeze gently ruffling my hair. I am proud to say I have realised my dream with this car, however, I can only take the top down during the winter season here in Dubai!

You sound like you enjoy being behind the wheel. What does driving mean to you?
It represents freedom and independence, which are two of the most precious goals a young woman looks to achieve in life.

Which cars in particular do you like?
My favourite by far is the Beetle and to be honest, all other cars will always be a very distant second.  I used to own a Peugeot 206CC, which was another girly car and very good fun, and I also have an Infiniti EX which is more practical than my Bug. Being a professional, young and trendy lady, I think my Beetle reflects my character and personality perfectly well. I love everything about it from the colour to those cute looks and the fact that it is extremely reliable. I do not think that there is any car other than a Beetle on which flowery designs can be added and look natural. They merge and enhance its spirit. And in case you were wondering, the car does not come with a vase as standard equipment…

But, the flower design was your idea, right?
Yes, I did it as an expression of my love for this car and in order to make it unique. I ordered 16in daisy rims from the US and the daisy tail light covers too. I also matched some of the interior to the exterior colour and I think it looks fabulous.

Do you plan to plant any more flowers on it?
Sometimes, less is more so I shall keep it like this for the time being.  However, I may add some eyelashes to the headlights.

I’ve seen some Beetles with those lashes and they look very cute! You and your girlfriends must get lots of looks out on the road in this…
Definitely, but I hope that the attention is for us and not for the car! No, I am happy for it to steal the show. A car like this must be seen to be appreciated. There are no better places to show it off than around Jumeirah and JBR.

It has some punch too, doesn’t it…
Yes it sure does. My Beetle is not just a pretty face. These cars are well known for their reliability, economy and performance. It’s quite quick and feels perfectly stable on the road. Usually convertibles rattle and squeak but this car is rock solid and very sturdy with the top down.  It has a 2.0-litre engine mated to a five-speed automatic, and this powertrain has good acceleration to help you get out of trouble when you need to. It’s certainly not gutless — don’t let the flowers fool you! After all it does come from the same automotive group which manufactures Lamborghini...

Very astute of you to know that, I’m impressed! What do your friends and family say about it?
My friends love it and enjoy hanging out in it. However, I cannot see my parents taking it for a drive. I do not even dare ask them their opinion on it! I wonder what they’ll say when it gets those eye lashes...


  • Name Rula Sharqi
  • Job University teacher
  • From Iraq
  • Wheels 2005 Volkswagen Beetle
  • In the UAE Nine years