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Korean Coupé for the masses

Hyundai does another Elantra spin-off model, this time in the shape of the two-door Coupé

  • The Honda Civic Coupé better watch out. That is, if it ever even gets to our region. Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • 1.8-litre four-cylinder good for 148bhp claims to be the strongest engine in the budget-coupé class.Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Even though it’s a two-door, the Elantra Coupé is actually slightly longer than the saloon.Image Credit: Supplied picture

We’re still waiting for the US-spec Honda Civic Coupé to arrive on our shores, bringing with it a 140bhp 1.8-litre i-VTEC lump and, who knows, maybe even the new six-speed automatic transmission.

As things stand though, we just might see Hyundai’s Civic-rival actually get here first, as the Korean carmaker has released information of its Chicago auto show star.

The Elantra Coupé, released right after the five-door Elantra GT, is set do battle with front-wheel drive ‘sports’ cars like the Toyota Zelas and that Civic Coupé.

Even though it only has two doors, the Elantra Coupé is actually longer than the saloon  model, but just as wide and tall. Hyundai claims the interior is bigger than its rivals, and the powerplant offered will trump the lot too, on performance and economy. The engine in question is the 1.8-litre four-cylinder good for 148bhp, mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Offered in two trim levels, both versions of the Elantra Coupé will have sportier suspension settings compared to the saloon, 16in or 17in wheels, minor body modifications such as a lip spoiler, and brighter exterior colours plus loaded cabins, with satellite navigation and a rear-view camera.

Pricing isn’t announced yet, but considering the Veloster starts from around Dh75K, we can expect the Elantra Coupé to kick things off even lower than that, since the saloon starts at just Dh55K.