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wheels car of the year 2012: Best sports car Porsche 911

Another decision that pretty much made itself — this is our 2012 Sportscar of the Year

Porsche 911
Image Credit: Grace Paras/ANM
“Less weight, more power and a dozen electronic aids to keep you on the tarmac no matter how limited your driving skills.”

If you had a dirham for every motoring journalist the world over who had proclaimed the Porsche 911 to be the best sportscar in the world, you’d probably be able to afford a 911.

And who am I to disagree when the current generation of 911 simply continues down the path of excellence, melding the timeless (if slightly podgy, thanks to modern safety regulations) and unmistakable silhouette of the uber sportscar, with all the electronic technical wizardry Stuttgart’s smartest engineers can cram into it.

From immaculate handling to a phenomenal choice of engines, it’s hard to go wrong when you pick your 911 from the Porsche market stall. Porsche has been building 911s for nigh on 50 years and they’ve learned a thing or two about what makes their drivers tick, so build quality and ‘cockpit finesse’ go without saying.

The 2012 model is no exception, and while purists may gripe about it having electronic steering, which limits the feedback you receive from the road, I call hogwash because unless you’re driving a dozen different variants a week, frankly you’re not going to notice. Thanks to greater use of aluminium in its construction, the new 911 is lighter than the old model, yet its engines are more powerful, with 400hp on tap in the S model.

Three letters, PDK, and your choice of gearbox is made for you, because that’s what everyone buys and you’ll do the same. (Abandon the herd — specify a manual and drive, drive, drive!) Less weight, more power, and a dozen electronic aids to keep you on the tarmac no matter how limited your driving skills.

Oh — and better fuel consumption. Don’t forget the iconic status. We did mention the build quality and handling? And you wonder why we voted it Sportscar of the Year? Stop wondering.