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I resigned but my company won't cancel my visa: Please advise

Labour bans may not be applicable if an employee is transferring to the government sector.

A reader in Dubai asks: I am working with a company in Dubai for more than a year. My contract is for a limited period. Last month I have submitted my resignation as I got a good offer from a Government sector. It’s been now more than 1 month that I have submitted my resignation and working within the notice period but I have still not got any confirmation on visa cancellation. My company is not willing to transfer or cancel my visa and as per the contract I can resign within 1 month notice period. After my resignation my company has not processed any transfer or cancellation. Upon several requests and follow-ups still my company is trying to create problem and saying that they are going to ask the labour office to apply a one year ban. How do I get my visa transferred or cancelled, and will I be banned as I broke the limited contract. Please advice. I’m ready to compensate my company if they allow me to go and cancel my visa.

I would like to clarify to you that the employer may apply to the Labour Ministry and ask the ministry to impose a one year ban because you violated the labour law by breaking the limited contract. Therefore, in case of a ban being imposed by the ministry, such ban may not be applicable to the governmental sector. Finally, in case the questioner failed to reach amicable solution with the employer, he shall file complaint before the Ministry of Labour.