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Can I be forced to work as a teacher?

School wants a principal's assistant to work as a teacher instead

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I have been working in a private school as a principal's assistant for more than a year; Sometimes I had to go to the classroom and teach when the class teachers are not the or when they go for leave as I did the said work on a voluntary to support my school only. Last month I received a letter from the school administration asking me to work permanently as a teacher instead of my job they also told me that they already apply to the Ministry of Labor to change my job in the labor contract, but I replied that I am not ready for this job and don’t want to change my current job as per the employment contract and also I’m not qualified as a teacher, but the school administration said that if I refused to work as a teacher I might be dismissed with immediate effect and they also stopped my salary and prevent me working as principal assistant. Finally I submitted my resignation and quit my work. My question here is;
1. Is the school acting in accordance with the Labor Law and Ministry of Labor?
2. Should I file labor complaint against the school? Specially they are not ready to pay my salary and end of service. 

I would like to clarify to the questioner that as per the Dubai Supreme Court, downgrading the employee in the job ladder by the employer is considered as form of arbitrary dismissal and the submission of resignation by the employee in this case is an expression of his disagreement to such downgrade. The school administration by doing so is in breach of obligations towards the questioner, which entitles her to quit work with her right to obtain all dues along with compensation for the arbitrary dismissal. Therefore, I would advise the questioner to file labor complaint against the school, if she failed to reach an amicable solution, with them.