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Can my landlord refuse to renew my contract?

Landlord can ask tenant to vacate if contract is for a limited period.

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Questioner from Dubai asks: I live in a villa with my family in Dubai. I signed a tenancy contract on 2006 for 8 years and I paid the rent in post dated cheque for 8 years; during this period the landlord did not increase the rent. However, one month ago, he sent me a letter requesting me to vacate the villa upon the expiry of the contract which is going to expire on May 2013, as he has no intention to renew the contract. There is an article in the contract says that the contract shall not be renewed and the tenant must vacate by the end of the contract. My question is does the landlord has the right to request me to vacate the villa?  If I persuaded the said landlord to renew the contract, can I offer increase in rent by 20% and get my tenancy contract renewed. Please clarify my situation legally, and what shall I do if the landlord refused to renew the contract? What are the prospects of winning the case if I filed a rental case before the Rent Committee? The landlord asks me verbally that in case I want to continue and renew the contract I should increase the rent more than 100% is that legal? Please advise in this regard.

I would like to clarify to the questioner that the tenancy contract is clear as it says that no renewal of the contract shall be made at the end of the lease agreement and the tenant must vacate. As the landlord does not wish to renew the contract, thus, the contract becomes invalid once the expiry of its period especially that it is the type of long contracts and no increase has been made by the landlord during the said period. Therefore, the questioner shall try to renew the tenancy contract amicably and to seek a solution with the landlord. Otherwise, the landlord as per the rental committee law has the right to increase the rent as per the current value of market and has also the right to ask the rental committee to vacate the tenant as per the clause mentioned in the tenancy contract.