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Can I join another company after I leave my job?

I want to join another company or a free zone company after I quit my current job; will the labour ban apply?

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I am a Bachelor's of Communications graduate who came on a 3 months visit visa and got a job in a company in Abu Dhabi. It’s been 2 months since I started work. My labor contract is valid for 2 years. However, I am not satisfied with the company since it delays the salary of the employees by paying them once in 2 or 3 months and wish to change the job. My probation period is 3 months and my boss told me if I leave within my probation period I have to pay my visa cost. I know that I will get 6 months ban from labor if I cancel my visa. Still, I want to know if I can join any other company or free zone company if I get a job. Please reply.

Based on the your contract; it is your absolute right to leave the job while you are still within the probation period; as for the ban, it is important to mention that the system will automatically insert the ban on your name; however, if the company you are resigning from informed the Labor to cancel the ban, or if you have a university degree, i.e. you have an academic qualifications, the ban will be canceled; and in relation to the Free Zones, since they have their own rules regarding labor and since they do not follow the rules applied in the mainland, the ban from the labour will not apply, and it would be possible to join a company in the free zone if you have an offer.

Question answered by advocate Eisa Bin Haidar, of Bin Haidar Advocates and Legal and Consultants