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Am I entitled to air fare after resignation?

Employees who resign to join another company in the UAE are not entitled to air fare from their current employer

Questioner from Dubai asks: I worked in a company for more than 5 years. I have submitted my resignation note that the employment contract that I signed with the company is for unlimited period. My question here is whether the end-of –service gratuity shall be calculated on the basis of 21 days for each year and whether I am entitled to return ticket to my homeland. I signed the offer letter with the company in my country and the company paid for my ticket, as the company informed me that I am not entitled to the said ticket on the grounds that I submitted the resignation. I’m planning to join another company so please let me know about the labour ban can the labour office put ban on me for the reason that I have submitted my resignation. In case labour office put ban on me I’m holding a high degree in business. Please advise.    

I would like to clarify to the questioner that article 137 of UAE Labour Law provides for the following: “ Where a worker who is bound by a contract of unlimited duration leaves his work of his own accord after continuous service of not less than one year and not more three years ‘ he shall be entitled to one third of severance pay provided for in the preceding article; where the continuous period of service exceeds three years but does not exceed five years, he shall be entitled  two- third of such severance pay; where the continuous period of service exceeds five years, he shall be entitled to  the full severance pay.
As for return ticket, the questioner is not entitled to the said ticket because the questioner will not leave and go to his home country he will join a new company so he is not entitled for the air ticket. Finally the questioner as per the labour office rules will not get a labour ban even though the questioner submitted his resignation because the questioner has worked for more than 2 years as per the labour office rules.