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Banish those bad hair days

Plagued by thinning, breaking and dull hair? Want to prevent split ends and post-pregnancy hair fall? The GN Focus team gets experts to put life back into tired tresses by providing solutions to real-life problems

  • By Chiranti Sengupta and Sanaya Pavri | Features Writers
  • Published: 14:11 June 27, 2012

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  • Reihaneh Safadel after the Crystal treatment
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Reihaneh Safadel, 26, Iranian

Reihaneh Safadel is a busy marketing manager who is usually out in the sun for many hours a day. Although Safadel has always taken good care of her hair — she washes and conditions it every day — she has of late complained of frizzy, unmanageable and dry hair. She believes water and dust are to blame.

Assessment: Jacques Lacoupe confirmed that Safadel was suffering from dry and damaged hair, primarily due to a hair straightening procedure that she tried several years back. They recommended an intensive hair treatment to help reconstruct and restore some life and shine to her hair.

Treatment: After a thorough wash, the therapists applied a leave-in treatment that included collagen, silk amino acids, botox and keratin. The effect of the treatment, which should last four
to six months, was instantaneous.

Cost: Crystal treatment Dh1,200-Dh1,500

Results: Safadel was asked by the therapist to wash her hair two to three times a week, using sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. She noted marked changes in her hair after using the products for two weeks. Now her hair looks much healthier and softer.

Contact: Jacques Lacoupe, Galeries Lafayette at 04 382 7333 or 055 841 0414

Nanalie Mijares, 32, Filipina

Nanalie Mijares loves to experiment with hair colour. She changes it at least three to four times a year. Excessive use of chemical dyes and straightening irons has made her hair extremely brittle and scalp dry.
Assessment: After a micro scalp analysis, Mike Ryan, consultant trichologist, Hair Spa, found that Mijares was suffering from telogen effluvium, a condition that causes abnormal shedding of hair.

Treatment: The session started with a thorough detoxification and exfoliation of her scalp to prepare it to receive the treatment. Then Ryan massaged her scalp with a lotion to help keep the hair in the growing phase (anagen) and also initiate growth where the follicle was in the resting phase (telogen).
Ryan suggested that the leave-in treatment should be accompanied by at least three sessions of low level laser therapy (LLLT) to help repair hair follicles, which could be done in the comfort of her home using an iGrow or TricoMax laser comb. Ryan also advised her to have her blood tested for iron or vitamin deficiencies.

Cost: Dh250 for the treatment at the Hair Spa. TricoMax set Dh2,840, TricoMax laser Dh2,200 and iGrow laser Dh2,950

Results: Mijares’ hair fall has reduced considerably in the past few weeks since starting the treatment, and she says her scalp now appears nourished.

Contact: Hair Spa, Gulf Towers, Oud Metha Road at 04 335 3336

Shawky Hineidi, 32, Syrian

Shawky Hineidi suffers from a common complaint that many young men have — thinning hair and baldness. Despite trying a number of treatments, Hineidi wasn’t happy with the results. Instead of waging more chemical warfare on his scalp, he opted for the traditional Indian system of medicine based on herbal treatment, Ayurveda, and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Assessment: Chandy George, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, Balance Wellness Club, diagnosed Hineidi’s hair as dry and thin, with a recent increase in hair > fall. His scalp was dry and flaky, resulting in weakened roots that appeared to be the cause of his hair loss. Additionally, any growth of lost hair seemed unlikely as most of the hair follicles were closed.

Treatment: An essential oil scalp massage is given to help dry and damaged hair, prevent hair loss and eliminate dandruff. Lasting 60 minutes, the scalp massage also helps increase blood circulation, promote concentration, create energy flow and instill a sense of calm.
The massage improves the condition of the hair and promotes hair growth by drawing nutrients and oxygen needed for generation of new cells. Carrot, rosemary, lavender, cypress and tea tree oils, blended with jojoba oil were used to help control thinning.
A minimum of four sittings a week were recommended for at least two months to show results. Along with this, Hineidi was also offered the sirodhara therapy, which involves applying relaxing Ayurvedic herbal oil all over the body. Lukewarm herbal oil is then poured in an even stream on to the forehead to pacify and revitalise the mind and body. After this, the scalp is gently massaged to activate blood circulation. The temperature of the oil is kept steady until the therapy ends.
Sirodhara oil is a blend of herbs with natural vitamins, minerals and proteins, which makes the hair roots strong, nourishes the hair, activates blood circulation in the scalp and keeps it hydrated for better hair growth. Here too at least three sittings were recommended at regular intervals over three days for marked results.

Cost: Scalp massage Dh250, Sirodhara Dh300 per session

Results: Despite a single session, Hineidi has already noticed a slight thickening of his hair and is definitely going back.

Contact: Balance Wellness Club, Oasis Centre at 04 384 7011

Pranoti Raote, 31, Indian

Pranoti Raote has always had beautiful, healthy long hair, but was dismayed at the excessive hair loss she experienced after having a baby six months ago. While she has experimented with hair cuts as well as colour and taken good care of her hair in the past with the right products, she was now at a loss to stop the hair fall.

Assessment: Jacques Lacoupe assured Raote that because of all the hormonal changes it was normal to lose hair after having a baby. This loss is more keenly felt because during pregnancy the hair is usually in top condition thanks to all the prenatal vitamins and supplements taken during that period.
Lacoupe suggested that she continue taking the vitamins for at least three months before trying an Aminexil treatment that they claim has a 99 per cent success rate in preventing hair fall. It also nourishes post-natal hair back to good health.

Treatment: The Aminexil treatment involves a thorough wash with L’Oreal shampoo, followed by an invigorating massage on the scalp and wet hair with the Kérastase Specifique Cure Intensive Anti-chute A L’aminexil Gl Treatment. This serum contains compounds that help prevent thinning of hair and hair loss, while accelerating hair growth and strengthening hair fibre. After the massage Raote’s hair was sprayed with the Kérastase Specifique Soin Densitive — a texturising spray for thinning hair — which combines ingredients that stimulate hair growth and make it appear thicker and fuller.

Cost: Aminexil treatment Dh800

Results: Happy with the results, Raote has returned for another session as she feels the treatment is imperative for all new mothers.

Contact: Jacques Lacoupe, Galeries Lafayette at 04 382 7333 or 055 841 0414

Walter D’Mello, 36, Indian

Walter D’Mello never had any serious hair issues — he uses baby shampoo to wash his hair and moisturises it regularly — but he was bored with his hair style and wanted a new look.

Assessment: Wasanth Rathnayaka, haircare specialist, Spaces, found out that although D’Mello’s hair looked healthy, the roots were not strong, causing hair loss. Rathnayaka blamed hard water, genetic causes, stress and seasonal changes for the condition.

Treatment: D’Mello’s hair was first washed with a repairing and strengthening shampoo. He was then given a trendy hair cut. After that his scalp was massaged for ten minutes with a nutritional hair complex rich in omega-6 fatty acids that stimulate hair growth. A hair steamer was then used to open the follicles, allowing the complex to seep in. Finally, a hair cream from Paul Mitchell was used to style the hair. D’Mello was advised to repeat the treatment once a week for six weeks in order to see improvements. He was also asked to install a filter to improve the quality of water he uses to wash his hair.

Cost: Hair cut Dh70, anti hair-loss treatment Dh400

Result: D’Mello is happy with his new hair style. He wants to go back to the salon for follow-up treatments.

Contact: Spaces Spa, Oasis Centre at 04 515 4400