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There’s a tiger on Dubai’s roads

A visitor to the city is outraged to find a tiger looking out of a car


A visitor to the city is outraged to find a tiger looking out of a car.

A former Dubai resident was outraged after she spotted a tiger looking out of a 4X4 while on holiday in the city.

Adele Kofler immediately wrote a letter to the World Society for the Protection of Animals when she saw the cub being driven in a Land Rover near the Mall of the Emirates.

Adele, who lived in Dubai for almost two years, says she always knew the UAE was a place where people could achieve the impossible but said she believes this is taking things too far.

She said: "This picture shows how in this part of the world, people with too much money have no care for the environment or mother nature or an animal's natural home.

"This animal is not one that you can just buy in the pet shop or win in a raffle.

"Most likely, it has entered the country illegally and the enormous amount of money [which I can only assume has been paid for it] has contributed to the illegal capture of more endangered and exotic animals."

"My question is, when will it end and how can we stop these people from parading around with such magnificent, wild animals like it's a joke?

"If the cub attacks someone when it grows bigger, we can only assume it would be killed or traded in for a younger one.

"I have no concrete evidence but as many know, this is only one of many illegal animals in Dubai.

"I've seen a monkey riding on the back of it's owner on an ATV, heard of chimpanzees in homes, seen the giraffes trying to cope in the heat of Dubai Zoo."

Adele, who now lives in Finland, says she contacted the WSPA to enquire whether anything could be done.