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Readers talk about end of the world

Massive reaction to end of the world news

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There was overwhelming reaction from Gulf News readers on the report (‘Getting ready for the end of the world,’ Gulf News, December 19) that looked at the controversy surrounding the end of the world prediction based on the ancient Mayan calendar. Most felt that this prediction offends people’s faith. They said that only God is aware of when the world will end and cannot be based on an ancient calendar. Some came up with reasons why the Mayans may have made the prediction. Others felt that people need to focus more on leading a good, honest and honourable life and not worry about what tomorrow brings. We present a selection of the letters that came in via email, Facebook and

Only God is aware

The end of the world news should not be believed and not be given undue importance. Even a person’s death is unpredictable. Only God knows about the end of this world. Nobody else knows that. It’s all a misconception of few people, which has spread so much that it has reached the level wherein some Chinese are actually preparing for this. If you want to believe that it’s, indeed, going to turn true then let’s all from now this minute till so called ‘end of the world’ start doing good deeds to wash off all bad deeds that we may have done. Today will pass just like any other day and this debate will remain one of the most talked about topics in history.

From Ms Madhu Madan, Sharjah

Live true

The news about the world coming to end today is nonsense created by the people and not by the creator. But one must not forget judgement day. As is truly said, ‘live life as if there’s no tomorrow’.

From Mr Jos Cardozo, Dubai

No signs

I am happy to see this article as I am actively working on this issue for the past year. I will also shed some light on this case. According to my personal observations from my telescope, there is no such big change in planetary movements. Everything is normal. So I advise against making your minds busy and avoiding such negative discussions. This time can be spent in some other creativity. Only Allah knows the exact last day. Be calm and keep yourself busy in prayers.

From Mr Irtesam Haider, Sharjah

We will destroy Earth

The world will not end by these predictions. It is only us human beings who will be responsible for its ending, whether by nuclear war or the impending global warming if we do not take care of this planet. Or unless a catastrophic event like the asteroid that hit the earth millions of years ago will happen.

From Mr Paul, Dubai (Full name withheld by request)

Get back to work

People who believe that the world is ending today need to grow up. Firstly, it’s so hideous to believe all that people say. Keep your faith strong and wait for the Lord’s coming instead. If your faith is strong, you will not listen to gossip. Now get back to work

From Mr Richie, Dubai (via

Not today

This is all rubbish. The world will end one day, but not today. So be happy and try to keep others happy too.

From Mr Asif Shaukat, Abu Dhabi

Follow the Quran

I do not believe that today is the end of the world. No one else will know when it will happen. It’s the imagination of the human mind only. Only Allah, the most powerful, the most merciful, the most almighty knows when the judgement will happen. As Muslims, we should believe the Quran and the Hadiths - what they say.

From Mr Mohammad Mahbubul Islam, Abu Dhabi

Divine wisdom

Indeed, Allah alone has knowledge of the hour and sends down the rain and knows what is in the wombs. And no soul perceives what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul perceives in what land it will die. Indeed, Allah is all knowing.

From Mr Abid Hussain, Dubai

Taking a break

The world is going to end today. That’s why I told my boss I was not going to do overtime on Thursday!

From Mr Amer, Dubai (via

Such a fuss!

My first question is - why create such as a fuss about such a small issue? Gulf News covers many big issues that happen around the UAE. It is not right of anyone to predict the end of the world. One day all are going to submit and return to Allah but only by his command.

From Mr Ali, Dubai (via

Right priorities

I’m pretty sure only those with internet access and time on hand to watch television and movies bother about this! Imagine the people in war torn and under developed countries being completely oblivious to it!

From Ms Nina, Sharjah (via

Nobody can guess

Nobody knows when the world is going to be end. Only God knows this secret. People cannot guess the day or time, it’s only a rumour. Have a nice weekend.

From Mr Najm Al Deen, Dubai

The right clothes

All are saying, “The world is going to end”. Still, I don’t know what to wear on this special occasion.

From Ms A. Megarajan, Kallakurichi, India

No evidence

In summary, there is absolutely no evidence that the 2012 Mayan prophecy should be considered a reliable prediction of doomsday. Also included in the ancient Mayan prediction that December 21, 2012, would be the end of the world are the following theories: our sun is a god; the sun is powered by the blood of human sacrifice; the creation moment occurred at 3114 BC, despite all evidence that it happened much earlier; and the visual alignment of stars has some significance for everyday human life.

From Mr Aji, Abu Dhabi (via

Don’t pay heed

Please don’t waste your time and web space on topics like doomsday or something like that. You can add more value to the media industry by not giving much importance to rumours like these. Rather try to create a positive impact in everybody’s life by solving current global issues. If the world has to end then there is no escape. Then, why would people invest heavily in the future? This is just drama.

From Mr Abdul Gafoor, Abu Dhabi

Education is good

Whether it’s hoax or not, the media has to publish such stories in order to educate those with blind faith. Healthy debates on such will avert such beliefs.

From Mr Shareef P.P., Dubai


Don’t worry, stay calm and be happy.

From Mr K. B. G. Menon, Dubai

Bad humour

This is just a nonsensical joke. No one has the power to predict the future except God and God alone!

From Ms Jillianskie, Dubai (via

Fooling their kings

This is preposterous. This isn’t the first time that such ridiculous and frenzy creating news has been circulating. Since ancient times, folks kept predicting it wrong, they probably thought to throw the date thousands of years ahead so that their kings wouldn’t get angry at their false prophecies. I’ve already made plans for a grand party on the 31st.

From Mr Ahmad Bashir Khan, Dubai

Getting married

Please add one more year before the end of the world, because next year is my plan for marriage.

From Ms Niamat Sharjah (via

A stunt

Nonsense, this news is just a publicity stunt for movies released. It’s just another Friday and we will all enjoy it more joyfully.

From Mr Wagle C.K., Sharjah

Do not accept it

No, it’s not possible, especially when we are equipped with advanced technology.

From Ms Rakhee Mansukhani, Dubai

An unknown fact

My end of world will be with the end of my breath and it could be in the next second or could take 100 more years. So this is a very, very big joke, accepting today to be the end of the world.

From Mr Mohammad Zubair, Abu Dhabi

People are lying

The religious scriptures clearly mention that the knowledge of the last day is only with God. No one other than God knows when it will be. So all those who predict the date of the last day are simply lying. They themselves do not believe it and if we track their lives, I am sure they will be enjoying their life without any tension and just raising concerns in the mind of many innocent people around the world. May God forgive them for their ignorance.

From Mr Biju K., Abu Dhabi

Change in energy

What is the significance of today? It is the end of a cycle, in which a subtle change of energy will take place and allow humankind to enter into a more spiritual state, one of greater consciousness in which we will re-evaluate our priorities and recapture our intimate connection with Nature. Some may not even notice this transformation. They may think that today is a day like any other, but a change in energy will take place.

From Ms Boney Bersleebi, Al Ain

Climate change

Humans and his or her ignorance of energy and force is the cause for mismanagement and the present state of the environment. Sun and its force (light/heat) unwinds, earth (matter) and its force winds or cools. The cyclic climatic change manifest when these two principle forces give way to one another smoothly over period of time. When environmental heat is pushed up unilaterally and time period given to earth to cool is shortened, it breaks the principle and design on which Nature functions. This leads to accelerated climate change leading to destruction by natural disasters.

From Mr John Paily, Mangalore

A new cycle starts

There are always big cosmological events happening, but now we are able to predict many of them. The Mayan calender doesn’t predict the end of the world, but it is interpreted as the end of a cycle and the beginning of another one. But we all know that this world has finite age and it has to come to an end and restart.

From A Reader, Toronto, Canada (Name withheld by request)

Everything is finite

To be honest, yes, we are coming nearer to the Judgement Day. Everything in this universe is created to end except the creator, who is Allah. It’s just a matter of time.

From Mr Imran, Dubai

One day, it will end

Yes, I do believe that one day the world is going to finish, but when, only Allah and his messenger Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) know. All of us should prepare for that day.

From Mr Ali, Dubai (via

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