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My Entertainment: Sous Chef Tom Egerton

Executive sous chef at Grosvenor House, Tom Egerton, talks perfect seafood and Brit rock

Tom Egerton
Image Credit: Supplied picture
Three words that best describe Tom: "Fun, active, chilled."

Movies & music

Favourite film of all time? You can’t beat Top Gun
Favourite film seen in last month? The Avengers
Ultimate movie icon? Will Smith
Movie character you’d most like to play Hancock
Favourite movie quote? “I love lamp!” Anchorman 
Favourite movie snack? Ice pops
Current favourite TV show? Top Gear
First record you ever bought? My first vinyl was Do They Know It’s Christmas? by Band Aid, and my first CD was Return Of The Mack, Mark Morrison
Last song downloaded? The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Album
Favourite band? Dire Straits 
Song to be played at your funeral? Local Hero (Live), Dire Straits
Best album of all time? Tough, maybe Rattle And Hum, U2 
Song to get you on the dance floor? Summer Of 69, Bryan Adams


Favourite designer? You can’t go wrong with a good pair of Diesel jeans
Favourite fashion capital? London, my hometown
Favourite restaurant in the UAE? Discounting the Grosvenor House restaurants of course, my current fave is Aprons & Hammers
And what dish do you always order there? The Goan fish curry is a must, and the Black pepper clams are a great start to a meal
Last book read? Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
Last thing you bought? A video camera, holiday’s coming up!
Favourite holiday destination? Thailand
Favourite hotel? Apart from Grosvenor, of course, 56 Priory Way (my parents house!)
Best website?
Favourite celebrity hottie? Nadine from Girls Aloud, well either her or Delia!
Best UAE hangout? Tamanya Terrace
Personal motto?  “**** happens, get over it and learn from it”
Describe yourself in three words? Fun, active, chilled
Word or phrase you most say? “Sorry, can’t, I’m working, but will catch you when I’m done!”
Your signature cooking dish? Don’t really have a signature dish but you can’t go wrong with anything with loads of fresh herbs