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Aspiring author Teresa Morgan on her first novel

Teresa Morgan is mum to two boys by day, aspiring romance writer by night. She’s working on her first novel, The Wedding Favour.

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In Teresa's first novel, The Wedding Favour, " two strangers become friends, pretending to be lovers, but one starts wishing it’s true."

 Friday: Where do you start with a book - beginning, middle or end?

Teresa Morgan: Always at the beginning - I don’t like spoilers. Sometimes I’ll read the blurb to remind me of the plot directions, but never the end!

Friday: What’s your favourite genre?

Teresa Morgan: Romance, although that can be anything from contemporary to supernatural. I want to have a happy ‘feel good’ ending whatever the story.

Friday: How often do you revisit books? Any you’ve read many times?

Teresa Morgan: There are books I’d like to read again one day, and remain on the bookshelf, but so far I’ve only revisited the Harry Potter series, twice.

Friday: What attracts you about a new author?

Teresa Morgan: Lately, I choose on recommendations, but sometimes the book cover takes my fancy. I read a Gerald Seymour book due to an interview in a magazine.

Friday: Do you treat a book as your night cap?

Teresa Morgan: I can’t read in bed due to a bad back. Wish I could - it would help me switch off. But it’s research too, so tend to read whenever I can.

Friday: When it comes to book purchases what guides you? Impulse, instinct or a sale?

Teresa Morgan: I can’t resist a bargain! But it will depend on the book. I’ll buy the next Charlaine Harris whatever, come May 2012.

Friday: When was the last time you hit upon a real treasure of a book and where?

Teresa Morgan: Last year, I bought ‘Jane Eyre’ at a secondhand book stall for 85p. Absolutely loved it and will read it again, one day.

Friday: What is your new book about? What other genres would you like to attempt?

Teresa Morgan:The Wedding Favour’ - two strangers become friends, pretending to be lovers, but one starts wishing it’s true. I’ll stick to romance for now.