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Things to do before deciding to go

Try to find ways how your situation can be improved

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When you always feel dissatisfied and disengaged, work becomes a drag and all you can think about is quit. Before you hand in your resignation letter, however, try to find ways how your situation can be improved. This is because chances are the issues you’ve been bottling up could be remedied by taking a few simple actions. Consider doing the following first:

Speak with your manager. “Tell him/her how you feel and ask for assistance [to help you] think through what options you have to improve your workplace experience,” says Robert.

Have you done enough? “Ask yourself whether you are doing enough to push yourself at work,” suggests Robert. Think about networking internally or volunteering for projects that give you more responsibility and visibility.

Explore other options for career growth. Check if there are any development opportunities in the company that you can benefit from. “Find out whether there are opportunities to rotate jobs for a brief period of time to get a glimpse of what another role might be like, or to pursue a certification or degree. These activities might give you the boost you need,” adds Robert.