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Planning for redundancy: Questions to ask

Questions you need to ask yourself to help you plan ahead of a redundancy

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Don’t wait until you learn your job is at risk of redundancy. A great practice is to think forward and plan a redundancy strategy before the unfortunate happens.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself, to help you plan ahead and find a way forward:

• Can I afford to stay in Dubai without a job?

• How much money per day or month do I need to live on?

• Will I be able to keep up with my mortgage payments back home?

• Can I keep paying my credit card balance?

• Will I get a redundancy pay? How much will I get?

• Am I entitled to a period of notice?

• What will happen to my bank account in the UAE?

• Where else can I work if I lose my current job?

• Can I negotiate with my employer not to cancel my visa immediately?

• Will my employer be open to the idea of me working part-time?