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UAE music gigs to watch this May

When and where to get your musical fix this month in the emirates

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  • Published: 00:00 May 1, 2013
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Justin Bieber
  • Image Credit: Rex Features
  • Justin Bieber will perform for fans in the UAE on May 4 at Sevens Stadium in Dubai.

David Guetta
May 3, Atlantis Beach

They don’t come bigger than the G man. France’s grooviest export since Serge Gainsbourg hits the decks at Atlantis Beach. Magnifique!

Justin Bieber
May 4, Sevens Stadium

Unless he does a Britney and loses the plot (increasingly likely), the teen icon du jour will be performing for the UAE’s teenyboppers.

May 10, Atlantis Beach

Florence and the Machine headline the last pre-summer Sandance. Keane and Nightmares on Wax are also on the bill. What a climax!

Blaze Bayley
May 31, The Music Room

The former vocalist of such heavy metal titans as Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden will be, er, setting Dubai alight with his acoustic set.

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