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Exclusive: tabloid! shops with Salman Khan

The actor, in a benevolent mood, takes his Dabangg 2 crew t-shirt shopping in Dubai Mall

  • By Manjusha Radhakrishnan, Senior Reporter
  • Published: 11:16 November 21, 2012
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News
  • Salman Khan visits the ICONIC shop at the Dubai Mall.
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Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s benevolence is legendary.

tabloid! discovered it first-hand on Tuesday night as he treated his 58-member Dabangg 2 crew members from Mumbai to a shopping spree at Dubai Mall’s Iconic. This crew have been flown in from Mumbai to shoot a song sequence for the much-anticipated sequel.

In his signature style, Khan -- clad in a grey Being Human T-shirt, jeans and that gigantic silver bracelet hanging loosely on his wrist -- walked into the store with his formidable entourage.

His well-sculpted chest was puffing with pride (we can vouch that we saw some muscles flexing) as he took a tour of the store and oversaw his charitable operation.

Behaving in his typical patriarchal manner, brought his Dabangg 2 team to indulge in some much-needed retail therapy. But he did it without uttering a word: a benign smile, a wink and a flick of his wrist later, his team attacked the stacks of Being Human T-shirts with gusto. Even if it was 10.30pm, the energy levels were high as they went about selecting T-shirts from the pile.

The fashion and accessories line was launched by the actor to support his charity of the same name, which provides free education and healthcare to Mumbai’s poorest children.

“Salman bhai and his family are known to do such kind things. He treats his team very well,” Manoj Chaturvedi, executive producer of Dabangg 2, told tabloid!. According to Chaturvedi, this generous gesture was Khan’s way of thanking his team, who have been working round the clock in Dubai shooting a song sequence for the much-anticipated sequel.

“In Dubai, we start our day at 5am and finish by midnight. Salman bhai and everybody have been putting in lots of hard work,” said Chaturvedi.

The stress, however, didn’t show on Khan’s face. He lounged around the store waiting patiently for his crew to finish and even discussed some finer points of merchandising with Raza Beig, the CEO of Splash and Iconic. All this, in-between goofing around with his brother Sohail Khan who had accompanied him.

“Salman is very passionate about his Being Human brand. He is interested in this business and wanted to know about his customers, market for his T-shirts, the prices. In fact, he wanted to make the prices more reasonable,” said Beig. The T-shirts are priced from Dh50.

Khan is expected to be in Dubai for the next two days, and returns on December 2 for a National Day concert.

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