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Movie review: Wreck It Ralph

Reilly is brilliantly droopy and affable as Ralph

  • By Farah Andrews, Scene magazine
  • Published: 13:52 October 31, 2012
  • Scene

Wreck it Ralph
  • Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Wreck it Ralph.

WHO’S IN IT? John C. Reilly, Ed O’Neill, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman
RATING 4 out of 5
THE PLOT This Disney animation is a surprising winner for us – Ralph (Reilly) is the bad guy in a video game who’s tired of never getting to save the day, and so takes a game-hopping journey across his arcade and through every type of video game to try and finally prove he can be a hero. The premise means there are enough nostalgic pop culture references to keep adults happy, plus, the voice work is some of the best we’ve ever heard: Reilly is brilliantly droopy and affable as Ralph, Sarah Silverman’s inflections as an annoying candy-coated game character are perfect and Glee’s Jane Lynch is as funny as she always is as a tough-as-nails shooter game sergeant.

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