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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: All the divorce details and drama

How much Katie got, Tom’s plans to be the favourite parent and the high price the actress paid for her freedom – revealed!

  • By Gemma White, Editor, Scene magazine
  • Published: 12:05 August 29, 2012
  • Scene

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
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  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The battle to be "favourite parent"is on.

In her desperation to save daughter Suri from the grip of Scientology, details of Katie Holmes’ divorce agreement have revealed that the actress has walked away from Tom’s Dh900 million fortune – and out of the lives of his two adopted children.

Although the pair had been keen to keep the specifics of their super-fast 10-day divorce under wraps, insiders have spilled that Katie was so keen to prevent six-year-old Suri from becoming immersed in Tom’s ‘religion’, that she eschewed spousal support and accepted the tiny amount – by Tom’s standards – of just Dh119,000 a month in child support for Suri in a bid to speed up their contentious split.

And with the pair squabbling in private over how they are portraying each other in the press, Tom has ensured Katie will no longer have access to his adopted kids, Connor and Isabella, with his teenage daughter “joining the religious order” of his church, which will see her become even more isolated as she fights to spend time with her Scientology boyfriend. Scene delves into the private divorce details and public strategies that have marked phase two of the TomKat split…

Suri supported until she turns 18

With Katie walking away with no spousal support or lump-sum payment, the child support deal of Dh1.4 million per year she got for Suri is considered extremely low by Hollywood standards. And the actor is also expected to cover Suri’s medical and dental care and education for the next 12 years, until she turns 18. “Katie had to make some decisions regarding the battles she wanted to fight,” spilled a New York insider. “She clearly decided to forgo the fight over the money to win in other areas.”

And one of those areas was Suri’s schooling, which will see the little girl “kept out of residential school” – meaning no boarding school – which rules out Tom’s choice of the Scientology-steeped Delphian School in Oregon. “Isabella attended the school, but Suri won’t,” added the source. “Suri’s schooling was a deal-breaker as far as Katie was concerned. She could have got a lot more child support if the divorce had gone to trial, but she decided to settle quickly to get what she wanted in other areas.”

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