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The secrets behind Katie Holmes' singledom slimdown

We reveal the five ways in which the star’s new life in New York has helped her get the body she’s wanted for years

  • By Gemma White, Editor, Scene magazine
  • Published: 08:31 October 31, 2012
  • Scene

  • Image Credit: Getty Images
  • Katie is said to have plotted her work around maintaining a work/life balance – meaning no more long days on a movie set hitting up the Kraft food services.

What a difference a divorce makes! Stepping out at the Narciso Rodriguez Kohl’s Collection Launch Party in New York last week, Katie Holmes showed off her new slimmer figure, revealing that divorce can certainly do a body good. And pals have credited her new life in the Big Apple away from Tom with helping her to shed the extra pounds she gained during her marriage to the Mission: Impossible actor.

Now spotted walking everywhere in the city – even taking the Subway! – rather than hopping into the chauffeur-driven limos she used to rely on during her marriage, Katie has also been getting active pounding the pavement, stopped the late-night dining which Tom used to insist upon and “has more time to focus on her own life rather than her husband” spilled one insider.

Scene reveals the five ways in which Katie’s new life is behind her new body…

1. Walking, Walking, Walking!
Whether she’s taking Suri to school or on an outing, hitting up the local grocery store for supplies, or heading to work on her new play on Broadway, Katie has eschewed her previous mode of transport, chauffeur-driven cars, for walking everywhere
in the city instead.

Spotted taking the Subway to work last week, friends say the 33-year-old equates walking around New York with “earning her freedom”, with a pal adding that the actress has been seeking out all the places she used to visit before she married Tom and moved to LA.

“Having a car in New York is an extravagance,” spilled one NYC insider. “And although Katie’s not poor, why would she waste money having a chauffeur on call when wherever she needs to go is a walk or a Subway ride away?” With another pal adding, “She loves walking out on the street. New Yorkers are famously blasé about celebrities and she’s rarely bothered. She says it’s great exercise – much more fun than going to the gym!”

2. Late dinner ban
As per Scientology rules, when Katie was still with Tom she was forbidden from giving Suri a bedtime, as the actor’s controversial ‘religion’ doesn’t believe in setting rules or boundaries for children. And the couple soon became famous for their very late-night dinner dates, papped carrying an irritable and tired Suri out of an LA restaurant, often after midnight.

Now setting her own rules about bedtime, Katie has put a stop to late-night dinners, meaning that both Suri’s sleep patterns and her own waistline win!

“Tom used to insist on going out for dinner quite late at night, which is a sure-fire way to gain weight,” spilled one LA source. “Now she has strict rules about not eating after 6pm, and she can set her own diet agenda. It’s certainly paying off.”

3. Setting her own career goals
Tom and Katie famously fought over the state of her lacklustre career during the time she was married to him; and the Hollywood rumour mill insists it was Tom who prevented his wife from returning to her role of Rachel Dawes in Batman sequel, The Dark Knight. But now that she has regained control of her career, Katie is said to have plotted her work around maintaining a work/life balance – meaning no more long days on a movie set hitting up the Kraft food services.

“After a long day on a movie set, Tom used to take her out to dinner to places like Mastro’s or Cut – Beverly Hills steakhouses,” spilled a mole. “Now she’s chosen to kick-start her career with a play on Broadway she has more flexibility to fit in her diet and exercise regime around her work, rather than the other way around.” Adding, “Plus, when she gets home at night Suri’s in bed and there’s no one making her get dressed up and go out again.”

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