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Susan Sarandon to open ping-pong-themed nightspot in Dubai

The US actress’ SPiN nightspot will open in Wafi and is the first outside North America

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  • Published: 00:00 April 8, 2013
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Susan Sarandon
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  • Susan Sarandon (right) and the SPiN founders Jonathan Bricklin and Franck Raharinosy are due to inaugurate the ping-pong themed club, which opens in Dubai as a partnership with Dubai entrepreneurs the Alyamour Brothers. Sarandon is pictured here with one of the Alyamour brothers, Dani.
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Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon will open a branch of her ping-pong-themed nightspot SPiN in Dubai next month.

The club, which will be located at Wafi, is part social club, part night club, and will have eleven “designer” ping-pong tables, a bar, lounge and nightclub “serving a fusion of international cuisine” and a shisha lounge on a terrace, according to a statement.

By designer, they mean gold-plated. Hey, this is Dubai, after all.

Sarandon opened the first SPiN club in New York, with celebrity fans including the Kardashians, Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers.

“Ping-Pong is fun and playful and can be as challenging or carefree as you want it to be,” said Sarandon in a statement.

“Ping-Pong is universal and just now beginning to be appreciated for the extraordinary social game that it is. SPiN Dubai will be the sexiest and swankiest Ping-Pong lounge and nightclub in the world; complete with a gold-plated Ping-Pong table. There’s also a dance floor with plenty of room to shake your booty while sipping on delicious mixologist-designed cocktails. What more could you ask for?!”

Sarandon and the SPiN founders Jonathan Bricklin and Franck Raharinosy are due to inaugurate the club, which opens here as a partnership with Dubai entrepreneurs the Alyamour Brothers. The 12,000 sq. ft club will have three bars, a DJ booth, and an outdoor terrace, all open from 6pm-3am.

“We are very excited to be launching SPiN in Dubai with the founders and the stunning Susan Sarandon,” said Dani Alyamour. “We love Ping-Pong and wanted to bring this unique concept to the Middle East. SPiN Dubai is a destination for people who want to come after work for a game and to enjoy everything the venue has to offer be it the music, dining, or socializing every evening, but with a new twist making it the ultimate nightlife experience.”

Sarandon already has a UAE stamp in her passport: She attended the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (then the Middle East International Film Festival) in 2008.

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