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Rod Stewart's son — Virtually there

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster's boy Alastair is preparing for his first year at posh prep school

  • Daily Mail
  • Published: 20:16 August 15, 2011

Being the young son of a rock star means plenty of international travel for Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster's boy Alastair — but he won't be missing school when he's abroad with his famous parents.

The five year old is preparing for his first year at posh prep school Coopersale Hall in Epping, Essex, in the UK, but as he will miss classes because his rocker father is performing in Las Vegas, teachers have organised virtual classes so he can keep up with his studies.

"The Stewarts travel frequently to the States and don't want Alastair to fall behind," says a source. "They are determined for him to listen in on classes and interact with his friends."

Stewart, 66, and Lancaster, 40, moved from Los Angeles to a mansion in Epping Forest last year — but Stewart's back in the States as he is performing at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, until November before heading out for a tour of Australia in February.

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