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Oasis frontman is no 'top dad'

Lisa Moorish, who conceived their daughter Molly just weeks after Gallagher wed first wife Patsy Kensit, Wednesday revealed he wanted nothing to do with the child as soon as she became pregnant

  • By Ben Todd, Daily Mail
  • Published: 00:00 July 22, 2010
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Liam Gallagher and son Gene
  • Image Credit: Rex Features
  • Gallagher and second wife Nicole Appleton have a son, Gene
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He boasts he is a "top dad" who has turned his back on a rock 'n' roll lifestyle to be there for his wife and children.

But just hours after unveiling his family man image in an interview, Liam Gallagher has been exposed as a hypocrite by the mother of his first child.

Lisa Moorish, who conceived their daughter Molly just weeks after Gallagher wed first wife Patsy Kensit, Wednesday revealed he wanted nothing to do with the child as soon as she became pregnant.

She wrote of the former Oasis frontman's attitude to his daughter after becoming incensed by his claims he believes in marriage and family.

In the magazine article, the father of three admitted he did not see Molly because he is "not on good terms" with her mother, a 38-year-old singer and songwriter.

However, Moorish told how Gallagher, 37, was "very angry" when she refused to abort Molly, who is now 12. She also insisted she would "never" stop Molly having a relationship with Gallagher, whom she refers to as the "man from Manchester". In an emotional series of postings on Twitter, Moorish wrote: "In Response to an article today involving my daughter; 14 years ago I had a 2 year on/off relationship with a man from Manchester as a result of that I became pregnant and had a beautiful daughter."

She continued: "The man from Manchester was very angry that I decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and decided to stay out of her life. I felt sad about it but accepted it. He agreed to pay his way.

"She is now 12 and the most amazing girl, loved by all around her. She is also old enough to catch wind or [sic] articles which mention her.

"My only wish is that she has a good relationship with me and her father which is between them and I would NEVER get in the way."

Moorish began dating Gallagher before he married Kensit in April 1997. The pair then rekindled their affair a week after the wedding and Molly was born the following year.

In December 2000, following his divorce from Kensit, it emerged that Gallagher was paying £2,000 a month (Dh11,210) in child maintenance.

Explaining why he does not see Molly, Gallagher told the Sunday Times Magazine: "As she was growing up, I thought it was the best way, instead of having me popping in and arguing with the f***ing woman [Moorish].

"She knows where I am and I'm there for her if she needs anything, like I have been since she was born, financially."

Gallagher is now married to former All Saints singer Nicole Appleton.

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