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Kim Kardashian's shock new reality

As her 'close knit' family turn their backs on her, Kim Kardashian is more alone than ever

  • By Gemma White, Editor, Scene magazine
  • Published: 10:32 September 5, 2012
  • Scene

Kim Kardashian
  • Image Credit: Getty Images
  • A source says Kim Kardashian has lost some lucrative contracts and has been hiding out at home.

Kim Kardashian found herself alienated from her once close-knit family last week, after dubbing Khloe a ‘liar’, claiming that she was the only child who was able to handle their lawyer father, Robert’s death, and questioning her mum, Kris’s ability to raise her brother, Rob. And the self-obsessed 31-year-old then continued to confront her brother and sisters over the fact they didn’t immediately rush to soothe her when she finally sent out an impersonal email of apology.

With all the drama going down during a family therapy session in LA, Kim had initially been the only K-clan member not to want to participate, insisting, “Therapy’s not for me. I’m a very logical person so if I’m acting crazy, I know why” – but turned out to be the sibling to air the most issues and grievances.

‘Kim said some unforgiveable things’

With 25-year-old Rob bursting into tears and storming out of one session, and Kim resorting to tears in another, the Kardashian family appeared more fractured than ever; which only got worse when the siblings started attacking one another.

“Kim is the most selfish person and doesn’t want to ever include me,” sobbed Rob, leaving his sister unmoved by his tears. Later spilling, “Kim brings out my negative energy… I just had to get out of there.”

But Kim, whose career was launched by the release of a sex tape rumoured to have been leaked by her mum, Kris, hit back at her brother’s wishes to be included in the family businesses, sniping, “…No one ever gave me anything. [If] I want something, I make it happen.”

And despite Kourtney dissolving into tears, Kim went on to claim that she was the only child who successfully coped with their father’s death in 2003 at the age of 59, insisting she spoke at the funeral because “none of them would’ve been able to,” before yelling at Khloe, “You lie [to] invalidate everyone else” when her sister insisted Kim wasn’t the only child still supporting their father at work towards the end of his life – leaving Khloe to dub her words “unforgiveable”.

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