Watch: Danny Aridi gets real on The Black Box

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Watch: Danny Aridi gets real on The Black Box

Lebanese-Canadian singer-songwriter Danny Aridi stepped into the Gulf News studios to play a round of The Black Box and perform a stripped-down and unplugged version of his song, Wanderlust.

In the latest episode of our entertainment video series, we get to know the real Danny as he discusses his love for Amy Winehouse, his heartbreak over Arsenal placing 5th in the English Premiere League and why Meryl Streep would play him in the movie of his life.

"I'm usually the guy that just has the guitar, hanging around. In case someone wants some music, I’ll bring that out," he tells us, laughing. "That’s not to say I just bring a guitar uninvited, but usually, I’m there to supply the music... if someone needs that.”

Plus, watch a heart-skipping live rendition of his recent single Wanderlust, which he performed acoustically in our studios.

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