Video Credit: Falah Gulzar/Gulf News

The American video-sharing website, YouTube launched a music streaming application and a paid subscription service in the Middle East on September 10.

YouTube Music allows users to access a catalogue of songs, albums, covers, videos, live performances, amongst other items.

A paid subscription will also be available through the main YouTube application called YouTube Premium for users to experience ad-free viewing, playing videos in the background as other applications continue to run, offline access to clips, along with a YouTube Music subscription.

The company has long been pressed, especially by youngsters as many use it to listen to music, to allow background playing - where audio continues to play even once a user exists the application. The new launch aims to satisfy such requests by users.

Both the services will be available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon and Qatar.

Music is the second most popular category on the website in the Middle East after entertainment.

How much will it cost?

YouTube Music subscriptions start at Dh19.99 and YouTube Premium starts at Dh23.99, available starting September 10.