Chat GPT and Hollywood
ChatGPT could be attuned to offer a world of service to the education sector. But let's have some rules early on. Image Credit: Reuters

While apprehension is present due to the newness of such technology, there are several positives from the usage of AI tools such as ChatGPT in education.

There is no doubt that other forms of chatbots will soon enter the market. Given this inevitability, finding ethically integrated methods of teaching and learning can benefit educators and students alike. Refusal to engage in a deep understanding of what the technology is and how it can be used can give rise to unethical practices, with perilous outcomes.

Restriction can therefore lead to increased harm, making the need for widespread regulation of pivotal importance. Furthermore, it is evident AI will be increasingly integrated into all sectors, making it important for students to be able to interact with the technology to gain experience.

Create own code of conduct on AI tools

Each education institution can seek to gain from implementing their own code of conduct when it comes to utilizing ChatGPT, thus enabling the usage in an ethical and structured manner. As the modus operandi of AI regulations continues to form, here are some benefits the utilization of such technology can provide in the field of education.

Utilizing ChatGPT as a supplementary resource can continue to positively impact education. Educators can use the technology to design robust forms of curriculum. Considering one of the tenets of ChatGPT is to be able to provide solutions, educators can benefit from identifying missing areas within their current syllabus to improve them and provide students with high quality learning opportunities.

ChatGPT can also be used to create day-by-day classroom schedules for effective time management of both educators and students. The technology can even conduct grading of assignments and projects, which when done manually may lead to potential errors.

Time and accuracy are two factors that are enhanced through ChatGPT.

Honing skillsets

Within large-scale AI regulation, as well as institutional implementation, students can engage in valuable discourse with ChatGPT that can derive fruitful results when it comes to enhancing skillsets.

As students continue to immerse themselves in critical thinking through their education journey, ChatGPT canprovide them with examples when it comes to specific questions on a particular topic or field. Provision of examples can enable students to further solidify their engagement in critical thinking.

While it can be argued that this may disrupt original thought, supplementary information can help equip students with robust knowledge to adopt a multi-disciplinary mindset. They can also use ChatGPT to engage in investigative analysis to affirm the validity of practices. Given that Generative AI can also provide robust feedback, students may also utilize it for verification of their work. Research is yet another area to interact with the chatbot. This will increase the amount of information they gain and boost the ability to make informed decisions.

A single platform advantage

When conducting research, most students are tasked with engaging in a multipurpose methodology, be it through books, articles, and so on, which are available in online and offline versions. ChatGPT enables students an accessible form of learning wherein they are able to engage in multiple forms of research on one platform instead of having to resort to using several that can be time consuming.

Accessibility in terms of learning is a key factor that can motivate students to operate efficiently.

To make effective use of the positive aspects of such technology, regulation is a must. While its capabilities seem limitless, there are valid concerns such as the ethics of generated forms of writing.

Institutional regulation with specific allowances on usage is therefore a must. Such technology should ideally be used in an ancillary manner that propels critical thinking as opposed to limiting it.

Creating specific boundaries within which students can make use of the chatbot will prevent them from forming the habit of relying on technology for their every need or query.

When utilized well, ChatGPT can maximize efficiency in education…