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TP-Link has recently introduced its new high-performance Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Dual-Band Ceiling Mount Access Points: EAP660 HD and EAP620 HD along with Omada’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform, which integrates network devices including access points, switches, gateways, providing 100 per cent centralised cloud management to create a highly scalable network—all controlled from a single interface.

Wi-Fi 6 is the newest Wi-Fi standard. Compared with its predecessor Wi-Fi 5 (11ac Wi-Fi), Wi-Fi 6 combines two industry-leading and innovative technologies - OFDMA and 1024-QAM - to improve speed, increase efficiency, and reduce congestion in high-density environments.

Omada’s Software Defined Networking (SDN)

• Cloud centralised management: Fully manage your whole network from different sites—all controlled from a single interface anywhere, anytime.

• Zero touch provisioning: Remotely deploy and configure multi-site networks to ensure efficient deployment at a lower cost. It requires the use of the Omada cloud-based controller

• Easy network monitoring: The Omada app and intuitive Web UI make it easy to check your real-time network status and traffic distribution

• 2.5 GE PoE for Wi-Fi 6: 2.5 GE Ports support the bandwidth needs of Wi-Fi 6 access points. Not all PoE Switches support this feature. Please refer to the product pages for details


The company’s further extension is in a new range of PoE switches considering the demands for PoE are expected to expand in the coming years significantly. The network solutions giant has been developing different kinds of PoE switches to meet the needs of different scenarios. These include a wide range of 100 Mbps, gigabit and multi-gig PoE products that provide more flexible deployment and cost-effective options for fixed devices such as IP cameras, access points, and IP phones. For general surveillance, TP-Link PoE switches with 10/100 Mbps ports are sufficient to meet the requirements of IPC.

• 250m PoE transmission: With Extend Mode, PoE supports data and power transmissions up to 250m away—perfect for surveillance camera deployment in large areas.

• One-click priority mode: Guarantees the quality of sensitive applications like video monitoring in critical business areas by prioritising the data of certain ports.

• One-click traffic separation: Isolation Mode easily divides traffic for downlink ports to avoid snooping and tampering and isolates broadcast storm for higher security and performance.

• Silent operation: Desktop switches’ fan-less design deliver zero added noise in their locations. Rackmount switches automatically adjust their built-in fans to balance power consumption with sound reduction in noise-sensitive locations.

Gigabit switching solutions for growing SMBs

TP-Link’s gigabit unmanaged and easy smart PoE switches offer more efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet the various needs of access points, surveillance, VoIP, and other applications.

• PoE auto recovery: Automatically reboots your dropped or unresponsive PoE-powered devices.

• Easy to use: Simply plug and play with a setup that requires no software or configuration.

• Energy-efficient: Consumes less power and lowers energy bills with green tech.


The launch of VIGI by TP-Link is a strategic move to enter the surveillance field. Catering to the diverse demands for security and privacy protection, VIGI leverages its strong R&D and production capacity, and in-house manufacturing to offer customers a complete security solution to reduce internal and external theft, ensure the safety of staff, and improve services.

VIGI’s versatile security cameras provide a myriad of easy-to-use surveillance options and smart detection features for vigilant security. VIGI NVRs offer extensive storage, simultaneous viewing, and other advanced features to serve as the nerve centre for surveillance systems. Its outstanding functions, reliable quality guarantees, and simplified installation work together to ensure keeping your livelihood safe and sound.

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