The Samsung Galaxy S20 series makes its way to the UAE Video Credit: Supplied

Every so often, a new technology comes out that completely changes how we see the world. Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 Series fits this bill. Built around cameras designed to let you capture stunningly beautiful footage – both imagery and video – here’s why the new flagship series is the ultimate content creation smartphone on the market right now.

Action cam-style shooting

With stunning 8K video shooting, the S20 Series lets you capture your world in true-to-life colour and quality in the highest resolution video on a smartphone yet. Afterwards, these devices can stream your video to a Samsung QLED 8K TV for a world-class viewing experience. Spotted a moment you’d like to grab and share – say, the exact instant your best friend’s cannon ball hits the pool’s surface? You can capture a scene from any 8K video and convert it into a 33MP high-res photo. And with Super Steady mode, even the bumpiest shooting conditions can produce smooth footage as though you're using an action cam, courtesy of anti-rolling stabilization and AI motion analysis.

One take, many opportunities

Think of this as a super-powered burst mode. With the Galaxy S20 Series’ AI camera technologies, Single Take can capture a number of photos and videos – such as Live Focus, Smart Crop, Ultra Wide and more – that captures your moment the best with a single click. It’s ideal for capturing highlights of your child’s football game, where you can snap pics and footage right from the start of shot or goal and even a bit of celebration with up to 14 different photos and videos captured in one press of a button. You can also get boomerang, reverse and fast forward options for video. Single Take lets you savour the moment as it’s happening, without worry for how you’ll capture it.

Unprecedented detail

The Galaxy S20 series includes Samsung’s largest camera sensor to date. A larger sensor lets in more light, which is crucial for retaining detail in night-time photography and low-light situations. You’ll be able to capture sharper memories from legendary nights out than ever before thanks to super-charged camera resolution, which allows greater detail in your images than ever before. Users can also enjoy added flexibility for editing, whether it’s minor tweaks, filters, cropping or zooming.


If you’re packing serious camera specs, you’ll need a strong connection to help you share what you’ve shot. With the Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra running on 5G networks, you can livestream, upload high-res video and download files in a snap. Your followers are sure to appreciate seeing all the action in crystal-clear resolution as it’s happening – not later.

Your last chance to be the first to own

With these impressive camera features backed by an all-day battery (up to 5,000mAh) that charges super quick in 30 minutes, a blazing fast processor and  and massive storage of up to 1.5TB, the S20 Series promises to help you capture and share your best, most meaningful moments in the best way possible.

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Samsung S20 Series
. Image Credit: Supplied