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Get one year of the best Arabic content available right now, complimentary when purchasing a new Sony Bravia 4K TV Image Credit: Supplied

This Eid enjoy the festive season at home with your families. Gather around a glorious Sony Bravia 4K TV and visualise your content like never before. Sony TVs offer exceptional picture quality, immersive sound and an immense viewing experience. Not only that, they offer an array of apps available on the Google Play store on their Bravia Android TVs. The latest addition to that line-up of apps is the region’s leading Arabic video-on-demand service, Shahid. Sony now offers a complimentary 12 months subscription to Shahid’s VIP content to new purchasers of their latest 4K Bravia Android TV line-up.

Why get a Sony 4K Bravia Android TV?

Sony understands the need to provide mind-blowing visuals, smart features and compatibility to various web apps on its latest TVs. With its amazing image processing and partnership with Google’s Android, Sony’s latest Bravia series comes packed with features to create the most immersive visual media experience possible. Here are a few reasons why a Sony TV should be your choice if you’re in the market for a TV this Eid.

The latest Sony 4k Bravia Android TVs comes with Sony’s exclusive X1 ultimate processor, which enables the TV to provide realism like never before. Sony’s Triluminos Display makes every pixel more accurate, regardless of the resolution, and reproduces reds, greens and blues precisely. Scenes are brought to life thanks to the TVs wider colour gamut and content is viewed the way their makers intended for us to experience it.

This Eid, upgrade your visual experience with the all new Sony 4K Android TV and enjoy 12 months complimentary access to a Shahid VIP subscription Sony YouTube

Bringing more apps than offered on any TV, thanks to Google’s Android Play Store, Sony’s Bravia collection brings you 1000’s of applications and games, all easily accessible Find apps like Asphalt 8, NBA Jam, YouTube Kids, Netflix and so much more. The latest addition to this portfolio is Shahid, which is the regions leader as far as Arabic VOD content is concerned. On Shahid, users can up to 20,000 hours of content from MENA, Turkey, Bollywood and Korea but getting a free one year’s VIP subscription gives them Shahid Original content, Ad-free Live TV, Disney on any device, both in online and offline modes, and so much more.

Thanks to the availability of Voice Search on Sony 4K TVs and their ability to work in 23 languages, Arabic speaking users can simply pick up the remote, speak in Arabic and the TV will find whatever they are looking for. Whether the user is looking for a show or a movie or even just the work of an actor, voice search can look through the applications on the TV and find what is needed. Viewers can also talk directly to their TVs and control smart home devices, manage tasks and personal calendars. Thanks to the hands-free voice search available in selective models.

Who types to search anymore? Voice Search is now on Sony Bravia 4K TVs Sony Youtube

The latest Sony Bravia 4K TVs also work with Apple AirPlay 2. Now you can easily stream content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac directly onto your Sony TV. Similarly, you can also control your music on your Apple device while enjoying listening to it through your Sony speakers.

Getting yourself a Sony Bravia 4K TV this Eid isn’t just about buying a TV, it’s about getting yourself a premium hub to all your home entertainment.

Don’t miss the opportunity

This exclusive offer for the complimentary one-year subscription of VIP Shahid, is available on Sony 8K, OLED and 4K TVs, Sony Atmos Sound bars, the Award Winning Sony Noise Cancellation Headphones 1000XM3 series till 31 July, 2020.