Updated Z Flip
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will soon return to the UAE Image Credit: Supplied

Samsung has just released its new phenomenal foldable device, Galaxy Z Flip, and everyone fell in love with it. The superbly stylish device stole the hearts of smartphone lovers here in the UAE, and it is now sold out for the second time in a week.

Design and display

Galaxy Flip embedded
The Samsung Galaxy Flip Image Credit: Supplied

Galaxy Z Flip shapes the future by its incredibly desirable and playful design. It is beautifully small and folds to fit comfortably in your pocket or bag. It also harmonizes with your varying styles and grants you a luxurious statement of fashion.

From the way its ultra-thin Glass screen folds into surprising positions, to stunning colours of your choice in Mirror Black or Mirror Purple, Galaxy Z Flip is an absolute pleasure to the eyes and an elegant piece that enhances your appearance.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's slick design makes it so easy to use!

Selfies like never before

Besides its breakthrough design, the Galaxy Z Flip revolutionises your way you capture photos and videos on your mobile. Thanks to its amazing hinge design, it can prop itself multiple angles (like a laptop) and hold its position while you shoot or record yourself. You can now show off your stylish moments on Instagram or Snapchat from a new perspective, with previously unreachable selfies and low-angle shots. The Galaxy Z Flip is definitely your new Power Pose.

Don’t worry. You didn’t miss out!

After the massive success of the Galaxy Fold launch, it is not surprising that Samsung has just released yet another sensational mobile device. The Galaxy Z Flip exceeds all the expectations and offers users one of the most intuitive, yet innovative smartphones ever released.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2
. Image Credit: Supplied

From its revolutionary size to its breakthrough design, the Galaxy Z Flip is the stand-out phone that fits smoothly into your life. For those who have missed out on the Galaxy Z Flip, fret not – it's back in stock on Wednesday, February 26.