Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 Image Credit: Supplied

The first thing that strikes the eye after plugging in the Dh399 Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 are the colourful logos on each ear can. They fluidly shift from yellow to purple to green and various others by default. This doesn’t seem overly impressive at first. Not until you learn that, in spectrum cycling mode, the tones shift through all 16.8 million hues of the colour spectrum. Or, if you prefer, download Razer’s Synapse program and pick your own.

Note that this set gets loud. Very loud. With 7.1-channel surround sound running during Wolfenstein — the one released this year, not 1992 — a mere tap on the shoulder could send fainter-hearted players into cardiac arrest. That’s not a Nazi toting a maschinenpistole behind you, just your little brother. Playing Need For Speed Rivals is an experience petrolheads will love, as they can not only hear but feel the distinctive roar of a Maserati Gran Turismo as it bears down upon them. Too loud and you might just blow out your ear drums though.

The Chroma is compatible with both PC and PS4 but one serious drawback is the lack of a 3.5mm jack. It’s been done on Razer’s other headphone models — what was the point of sacrificing compatibility with every smartphone and iPod? It would’ve hardly made a difference in cost to manufacture or the end user price.

However, out-and-out gamers will appreciate the crispness of microphone quality. The next time someone scores a last-minute overhead winner against you on Fifa, rest assured they will know exactly what you think — with every piece of invective loud and clear.

The same rule applies to gaming as to life — if you can’t be the best, be the loudest.