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You know how we all like to open a fridge, take a peek inside and see what's there? LG InstaView refrigerators – recognized for their iconic tinted glass panel within the door – make it possible to peer inside the refrigerator without opening the door. All you have to do is knock. The glass panel also doubles as a display for looking up recipes and watching cooking videos. With options including Side-By-Side, French 3-Door and 4-Door models, along with counter-depth and standard-depth options, consumers can find an InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator that fits their kitchen perfectly.

More freshness. Less energy consumtpion

Once opened, a conventional refrigerator can take 1-2 hours to regain maximum cooling level, affecting food stored inside. As part of LG’s range of smart kitchen solutions, the InstaView Door-in-Door is equipped with a sleek mirrored glass panel that lights up with two knocks, allowing users to check inside the easy access compartment without opening the door – preventing cold air loss by up to 41%.

With less frequent temperature fluctuations, items such as fruit, vegetables and dairy products can remain fresher for longer. The refrigerator also features a five-stage filtering system and Hygiene Fresh+ technology, which automatically cleans and purifies its internal air. The system, certified by Intertek, removes up to 99.999% of bacteria and with it, minimizes odors.Taking it one step further, LG's Inverter Linear Compressor provides up to 32% in energy savings and top-rate 20-year durability.

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Made for you

The expanded lineup of InstaView Door-in-Door models come with either a luxurious glossy or quiet matte black stainless-steel finish. Combined with a modern finish, the timeless stainless-steel design complements any kitchen décor. The finish option is fingerprint and smudge-resistant for the ultimate in style and functionality.

At CES, LG recently unveiled a new way to entertain guests, with its InstaView refrigerator with Craft Ice – the first refrigerator in the world with a built-in ice maker that produces spherical ice. The benefit being larger pieces of ice (two inches in diameter), which melt at a slower rate than regular ice cubes and preserve the flavor of drinks for longer.

The fridge that can ThinQ

Also on showcase was the second-generation LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator. Food items placed inside or removed from the refrigerator can be tracked with advanced vision and artificial intelligence for real-time inventory of what’s inside at any given moment.With this information, the smart LG InstaView fridge will be able to offer helpful meal suggestions based on available ingredients. The smarter technology will even alert homeowners when they’re running low on items and suggest options for reordering them, long before arriving home to find that you’re out of eggs.

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Taking convenience a step further, the LG InstaView ThinQ’s glass panel doubles-up as a 22-inch display to browse content, watch cooking videos and order items, without the need for additional device. InstaView refrigerators are also compatible with the LG ThinQ mobile app – available on both Android and iOS platforms, for remote operation and ultimate visibility.