Samsung Note 10 creative capture
The Galaxy Note10: Ideal for photographers and videographers Image Credit: Supplied


  • Live Focus enables bokeh for both photos and videos
  • Zoom-in Mic is ideal for cutting out background noise when you want to record what matters most to you
  • S Pen Air Actions give you control of your phone with just a wave of your hand
  • Scene Optimiser intelligently recognises 30 different scenes and subjects, from food to the beach and more
  • Depth Vision gives you the precise measurements of objects viewed through the camera; you can throw out your tape measure

Among the Galaxy Note10’s many features, its pro-grade camera is one of the most distinctive, empowering users to become content creators on the go. You can be as creative as possible while shooting and editing not only in photography but in videography as well.

Live Focus videos with bokeh effect

Live Focus has always been unique to Galaxy devices, and this popular feature is now extended to video with the Galaxy Note10, making it truly iconic. You can blur out the background and create a bokeh effect while recording a video or taking a picture.

Zoom-in Mic: Record the sound that matters

Working in tandem with the Note10’s camera is the Zoom-in mic, which allows you to focus on what truly matters even when it comes to audio. While zooming towards a specific scene, you can capture amplified sound and reduce background noise – perfect for shooting, say, a concert.

S Pen: Intuitive control with a wave of your hand

With the S Pen in hand, the options are limitless for capturing and recording using “air action” technology, by which you can remotely control the camera from a distance. The S Pen can also enhance the precision of advanced video editing when you insert subtitles, change speed and add illustrations, making all the difference in the world of editing.

Scene Optimiser

The innovative camera can also recognise 30 commonly captured scenes and subjects, including food, people, beach and animals. It adjusts the settings intelligently for instantly shareable shots, even for ultra-wide photos.

Depth Vision: Turns the camera into a measuring device

The capabilities of the camera also exceed expectations with Depth Vision, which turns into the most useful AR measurement tool. You can simply point at any object and the intelligent camera gives instant dimensions, offering the ultimate convenience.

The benefits that the Galaxy Note10 offers are tailored to truly transform the way you use smartphone cameras to create everyday content. With all these incredibly powerful features, it is no surprise that Samsung is taking the lead with a camera that challenges boundaries, giving you no other reason to search for an alternative.