S20 Relaunch 5G
The Samsung Galaxy S20 series brings the speed of 5G into the palm of your hands Image Credit: Supplied

The global pandemic has given us an all new appreciation for ourselves, our loved ones, our lives and even our work. As the UAE gets back on its feet, work seems to have renewed vigour, moments with our families seem to be unforgettable and now more than ever, technology provides us with the right tools to capture those moments anytime and anywhere.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series is one such example, of advanced technology right in the palm of our hands with the capability to enhance every new moment.

Galaxy S20 : See your world differently Samsung Youtube

The camera for every moment

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series, you get up to an ultra-high-end 108MP quad-camera setup. With up to 100x ‘Space Zoom’, the camera is ready for any situation. Whether you want a close-up portrait shot or a shot of the moon, the Galaxy S20 Series’ Super Resolution Zoom, enhanced by camera AI, lets you get close up to the action and capture moments you never knew existed.

A feature purely created to never miss a moment is Samsung’s Single Take. While most smartphones will give you just one photo with one click, Single Take on the Galaxy S20 Series will capture up to 14 images and videos with just one click. Everything from photos to ‘boomerangs’ and fast-forwarded clips to beautified shots, all done with just one Single Take. There’s practically no effort on your part. You just click and the Galaxy S20 Series will do the rest.

Samsung S20 Night mode 1
Capture all of life's precious moments with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Image Credit: Supplied

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series doesn’t just perform during the day. It shines in the night too. Its pro-grade camera system captures multiple photos at once, merging them into one stunning shot with less blur and even lesser noise. With almost triple the sensor size, you can now shoot nighttime scenes as clear as daylight.

Watch below how Asil Abdo harnesses the powerful camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra to capture the moon!

Captured by Asil Abdo (@asil.ab), Content creator and Traveler based in Dubai, U.A.E Samsung Youtube

Ready to work from anywhere

One of the biggest changes of our new world is that we work from places we never did before. Remote working has become the new norm. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series was made to be a powerhouse for on-the-move professionals. Powered by the latest octa-core chipset, with up to 16GB of RAM, up to 1.5TB of storage and 5G, the Galaxy S20 series can even replace your laptop. Enjoy all this on Samsung’s large, gorgeous and immersive Infinity-O AMOLED display. The displays on the Galaxy S20 Series are smooth, superfast and have an extremely precise touch response.

For a PC like experience, you can even connect the Galaxy S20 Series to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and enjoy Samsung Dex. Wherever you are, having a high-performance smartphone with the capability to leverage on 5G networks to let you upload and download in an instant, will change the way you work remotely.

Working, livestreaming, sharing, gaming at HyperFast speeds are the new norm. You can also video-call your loved ones with crystal clear visuals and sound, without any buffering on Samsung S20 series.

Most important of all, with up to 5000mAh batteries, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series is ready to power-through your entire day, no matter what task you put in its way.

Samsung S20 New Colours
The Samsung Galaxy S20 series comes in three stunning new colours, namely Aura Red, Aura Blue and Cloud White. Image Credit: Supplied

Save Dh529 and buy one now

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series has the most complete devices on the market right now. Whether you want to work or play or capture memories or stream content or game, the Galaxy S20 Series is your ideal choice.

Get yourself the Galaxy S20 Series on Samsung.com until 31st July 2020 and you can get your hands on a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ worth Dh529 for free. Don’t miss out!