Prateek Verma Image Credit: Supplied

The coronavirus outbreak has created significant demand for thermal imaging and IR-based temperature measurement solutions in the UAE. What measures have you taken to cater to increased demand for these products?

There has been a burgeoning demand for temperature measurement solutions of all types over the past few months. We have been providing thermal temperature measurement cameras for almost three years now, but recently, to cater to the various sectors looking for measures to gauge body temperature as fever is the main symptom of Covid-19, we have added a whole range of thermal and IR-based products to our portfolio. We now have seven different models available — from the very cost-effective IR thermometers to AI-based thermal cameras which can measure temperature of over 25 people at one time.

Brief us on Vantage’s product portfolio?

Vantage is a 30-year-old UK-based company, with the largest product portfolio in security segment. We have a complete solution for CCTV, access control, alarm systems, video and audio door phones, entrance management solutions, parking management systems, boom barriers, turnstiles, flap barriers and metal detectors.

We also have a complete portfolio for fever detection, starting from dual lens and single lens thermal imaging cameras, which are very precise and can be used with a black box for accuracy of +/-0.2 degree Celsius, to cameras that can simultaneously detect temperatures of 25 people. Then we have the door frame temperature detector, which uses IR Probe, and is very easy to set up and use.

Our temperature and mask detection face access control devices are also very popular and cost effective. These can measure temperature one by one in registered and non-registered users and their time attendance can also be done along with giving them access rights to door locks, turnstiles and barriers.

What are your strategies to strengthen Vantage’s market presence in the UAE?

Our strategy resonates our companies tag line — Keeping You Safe, which is embodied in each aspect of the way we conduct business. Our aim is to be transparent and give clients the information they need to select the right product and make an informed choice. We offer personalised service to each client and try our best to maintain utmost level of customer service. Within seven years of being in the Middle East, we have been able to bring on board some of the most prestigious clients which includes the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, where we installed over 4000 Vantage cameras, RTA , ADNOC , McDonald’s, Jumeirah Group, Dubai Health Authority, Maktoum Airport, Emaar and many more.